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Kashan Fin garden

Kashan Fin garden is one of UNESCO registered Iranian gardens along with Pasargadae, Eram, Shazdeh of Mahan, Chehel setun, Dowlat Abad gardens. Fin garden is 23000 square meters big with a central courtyard surrounded by walls and fortifications.

The origins of the garden returns to the Safavid period, and the settlements of the present garden was built under the reign of Abbas I of Persia, as a traditional Garden near the Fin village, which is a few kilometers southwest of Kashan. Fin Garden developed during the Safavid Erea and continued to Abbas II of Persia, Also It was recognized during the reign of Fat′h Ali Shah Qajar and was considerably expanded.

Kashan Fin Garden,

Kashan Fin Garden

The garden flows with crystal-clear warm water channeled from a natural spring. The water flows in a series of turquoise-tiled pools and fountains and continuing along the main road in jubs.

Fin Garden has two pavilions: the shotor gelou, a two-storey pool house with water running through the middle of the ground floor, and also a recreational pavilion. This fantastic Qajari building sports an elaborate painted dome of outdoor vignettes (including a semi-naked beauty being surprised in the act of bathing).

There is a hammam complex along one side of the garden, which is famous because of as the place where the nationalist Mirza Taqi Khan, more commonly known as Amir Kabir, was murdered. It should be to mention that, the modest Kashani National Museum, which occupies a small pavilion in the grounds, is worth a quick visit too, you can find some ceramics and calligraphy there.
Presence of dynamic qualities such as water and trees with the fixed element of building gives this garden a lively character. In the center of garden the Safavid palace is located. During Qajar period a palace was built at the end of the garden and damaged the symmetry of garden although it has beautiful paintings on its walls and ceiling.

Kashan Fin Garden, Iran

Kashan Fin Garden, Iran

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This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German) esEspañol (Spanish)