Dolat Abaad Garden

Dolat Abaad Garden,Yazd

Dolat-Abad Garden, Yazd : Dolat Abaad garden built in 1747 by Karim Khan e Zand. It is famous because of its wind-catcher with 33.8 M height and because of this well-known feature, It registered in UNESCO World Heritage in 2010.  It has a Persian architecture consists of a pavilion, Long pool in the middle of garden with the tall cypress trees leads to the main entrance, there are beautiful grape and pomegranate trees behind those tall trees. Dolat-Abad Garden

This Tallest Wind- catcher acts like an air conditioner system inside the pavilion, and make a beautiful scene to this city, it is art of architecture to select tactful angles for providing the best views and landscape internally. Dolat-Abad Garden

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