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Eram Garden


Eram Garden

Eram Garden (Baq e Eram) is one of the most beautiful and a monumental garden which is registered in UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Shiraz. Eram means Paradise and refers to a part of heaven. It is located along the northern shore of Khoshk river in Shiraz. This garden’s history goes back to Saljuqy Period (A.D.1038-1194), and at 18th century, it was used by local rulers and Persian monarchs. Some persons bought this garden and after passing through the chains of owners, Shiraz Government University, finally handed over it and use it as a Botanical Garden by a lot of special trees like cypresses and famous flowers as a general public for visiting and the place for science researches.

Eram Garden (Baq e Eram) like another Iranian Garden includes a main building (Pavilion), trees and the main Iranian element, Water. This pavilion was constructed by a local Shirazi architect, Haji Mohammad Hassan Khan. The building consists of two stories, that in the basement you can observe the small pond, and on the second floor a large porch is designed with the two high standing pillars. Two other smaller porches are located on the both sides of main porch, which in morning sun lights directly at these porches. This beautiful building decorated with tiles that inscribe with poems by Hafez and Saadi.

When you walk in the garden, you receive a lot of positive energy that emanating from green trees and colorful flowers. The existence of tall and fantastic cypress trees all around the garden catch everyone’s attention. The graceful scent of flowers, with the song of nightingales and the alluring dance of blossoms enchant the visitors.

In the spring, that flows in the waterfronts, in the middle of the building pours into ponds and grants Eram garden a great appeal.

Eram Garden (Baq e Eram) History In details:

Ilkhanate and paramount chief of Qashqaei’s tribes of Pars, built the both garden and the building during the middle of 19th century. The quadripartite Persian Paradise garden (Eram Garden), goes back to the 18th century by Saljuqs, and has an original plot of Bagh e Shah ( the king’s garden), but was much less complicated. In 18th century one of travellers, (Cornelius de Bruyn from Netterland), who visited from this garden, wrote about the structure of garden at that time.

The structure has been modified over the 150 years and during these years;Eram Garden (Baq e Eram) is restored by various participants. The building expanded as a long axis. It was designed by a local architect, Haji Mohammad Hasan. The building contains 32 rooms on two stories which I mentioned above, decorated by tiles with poems from the poet Hafez written on them. The structure renovated during the Zand and Qajar dynasties.

A British ambassador in Iran (Sir Denis Wright) in 1965 was invited by the Chancellor of Shiraz University, Asadollah Alam, to a celebrity in Eram Garden for Princess Alexandra of the Oglivy. The compound came under the protection of Pahlavi University during the Pahlavi era, and was used as the College of Law. The building housed the Asia Institute.

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This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German) esEspañol (Spanish)