The tomb of Cyrus the Great, the father of all Iranian, Which is belonged to the ancient monument of Pasargadae as the earliest capital of the Achaemenid-first Persian Empire-show the glorious civilization of the nation.

The first capital of the Achaemenid Empire-Pasargadea-lies in ruins 43 kilometers from Persepolis, in Fars province southwestern Iran and today in the small city.

The structure was unfinished because Cyrus died in a battle and he could not finish it as he wanted. The location is currently considered as one of Iran’s most remarkable archaeological site which covers 1.6 square kilometers; its Garden is registered in UNESCO World Heritage site. Pasargadea is an exceptional witness to the Acheamenid civilization, the vast Acheamenid Empire which extended from the eastern Mediterranean and Egypt to the Hindus River in India, is considered the first empire for cultural diversity of its people.

The most prominent monument in Pasargadea, is the mausoleum of Cyrus. Pasargadae represents the first phase of this development into a specifically Persian architecture, and Archaeologists have recently explored that Pasargadae was granted with unique structural engineering as Acheamenid engineers built the city to withstand a severe earthquake what would today be classified as 7.0 on the Richter magnitude scale.

Ernst Hertzfeld, was first archaeologically who explored Pasargadae in 1905.In 1928 Hertzfeld along with his assistant Friedrich Krefter did one excavation season. After Hertzfeld, Sir Aurel Stein completed a site plan for Pasargadae in 1934.Later in 1935 Erich F.Schmidt produced a series of aerial photographs of the entire complex.

In 1930,the Brazilian poet Manuel Banderia published a poem called Vou me embora pra Pasarrgada( I will go away to Pasargadae) in a book titled Libertinagem.In the book,Pasargadae is described as a Utopian city.This poem has become one of the Portuguese language classics.

I’m Going Away to Pasargadae

I am going away to Pasargada
There I am friend of the king
There I have the woman I want
On the bed that I shall choose
I am going away to Pasargada.

I am going away to Pasargada
Here I am not happy
There life is an adventure
I such a non-mattering way
That Joan the Mad Woman of pain
Queen and pretended insane
Is relative once removed
From the daughter-in-law I never had.

And how I will exercise!
I will pedal my bicycle!
I will ride the wild ass!
I will climb the greased pole!
I will bathe in the sea!
And when I am tired
I will lie on the banks of the river
And call the nymph of the water
To tell me the stories
That Rose used to tell me
When I was a boy
I am going away to Pasargada.

There´s everything in Pasargada
It´s another civilization:
It has s safe and sure way
To prevent knocking the girls up
It has automatic telephone
It has plenty of dope
It has beautiful prostitutes
For one to make love to.

And when I become sadder
So sad that I have no more hope
And when in the night it comes:
The desire to kill myself
— Ah, there I am friend of the king —
Then I have the woman I want
On the bed that I shall choose
I am going away to Pasargade .

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