El Goli of Tabriz

Tabriz El Goli

Tabriz El Goli : It was used as a summer palace during Qajar dynasty when Tabriz was the official residence of an Iranian prince in Tabriz.

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History of El Goli

The early history of El Goli is not clear,however it seems that the surrounding lake was used as a water resource for agricultural purposes.The lake is about 5.5 Hectares and has a beautiful icy view in winters.

Summer palace

The summer palace is an octagonal building which was improved in Safavid period. Then, during Qajar dynasty it became a royal resort. The crossing street from the southern part of the lake makes the palace a peninsula.

After the Iranian revolution of 1979, name of the oppressive king(Shah) was removed from landmarks. So the name of Shah Goli changed to El Goli in official documents.


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