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Kashan Travel Guide


Kashan, Kashan google map, Kashan history, Sialk Hill, Fin Garden

Geographical location of Kashan

Latitude: 33.975

Longitude: 51.410


Map of Kashan Kashan google map

History of Kashan

Travel lovers who travel to Persia and plan to visit Kashan as his or her destination must have way with history. Since more than 8000 years ago, humankind who had settled and lived in Sialk mounds.

Language of Kashan

Kashan may be characterized as exclusively Persian speaking people.

Historical places


Sialk Hill

The oldest settlement is in Sialk that dates back to more than 7000 years ago. The remains of mankind who used to live are available in Sialk Hill.


Agha Bozorg Mosque:

It is a historical and amazing mosque. It was built in the late 18th century


 Boroujerdi ha Residence.

This house, belonging to a trading family who migrated to this city of historical places and rose water, It was built over a hundred years ago.


Tabatabaie Residence 

It is s large house with several courtyards that once belonged to a rich merchant.


Ameri House 

It is a traditional house that was built in the 19th century during the period of Qajar,

Abbasian House 

It is a large traditional and historical house that was built during the late 18th century.On the other hand it is an example of residential architecture of Kashan.

Sharifian House

It is a historical place in kashan.


Al-e-Yaseen House

It is a historic house that was built in Qajar era and it has 12 to 200 years history.

Sultan Amir Shrine

It is a traditional Iranian public bathhouse. It known as the Qasemi Bathhouse.

Sultan Amir Bath T

It is a Turkish bath, inspect it and afterwards the attendant will insist taking you to the roof, against a tip of course.


40 Dokhtaran Fortress

It is a historical place in kashan.


Abu-Lu’lu’ah Shrine 

It was built in 11 century and is a holy place for Muslims.


Fin Garden

In keeping with many of the Persian gardens of this era, it contains a great water features .It has Fin Bath, where Amir-Kabir a famous vizier of Qajarid was murdered by the King Nasereddin Shah in this garden.


Puppets and Toys Museum of Iran

Presents a collection of different traditional puppets from all over Iran and the world. For kids there are workshops where they can build their own little finger puppets and toys in the yard of the old house. The museum also has a cafe and a little gift and traditional toys shop. In general the atmosphere is fantastic. The museum is located close to the Khane-ie-Tabatabaii (House of Tabatabaii) and the Khaneha-ie-Tarikhi (Historic Houses).


Ghal’eh jalali i

It is a historical place in kashan.

Kashan Bazaar

The bazaar with its unique architecture is one of the highlights of Kashan. You can get an idea of the technical marvel of building such large structures from mudbricks and have an amazing view over the old city.


Natural places of Kashan

It is one of the most attractive places to visit. It has vast area including many large numbers of natural places.


Abyaneh Red Village

Fin Garden kashan – Kashan

Qamsar of kashan – Kashan

Niasar ( Rais ) cave – Kashan

Baq-e Gonbad Sabz ( Darvazeh Kashan ) – Qom

Natural Park of Sisangan – Nowshahr

Natural park of Babolkenar – Babol

Natural park of Talar – Qaem Shahr

Deland natural park – Azad Shahr

Natural park of Alandareh – Gorgan

Natural Park of Chaloos – Chalus

Bibi Lou natural park – Astara

Shourab natural park – Khorramabad

kord abad Natural Dam – Tarom

Natural park of Khoshkedaran – Tonekabon

Tal Haji Natural Park – Firuzabad

Chahkotah Natural Park – Bushehr

Meshgin shahr Natural Park – Meshgin Shahr


Religious Sites of Kashan

Agha Bozorg Mosque

Shahzadeh-ye Ibrahim

Shrine of Hilal ibn Ali

Meydan Mosque


Traditional foods of Kashan

Meat and beans

Meat and beans are one of the traditional cuisines of Isfahan cooked in copper pots. Also, the water is fed with freshly baked and used by bread. Ingredients for 4 to 6 people Mutton: 100 g (ribs is better) meat, vegetable and bean leek, parsley and fenugreek: 500 grams white beans 2 cups rice: 1/3 cup onion: a number of salt, black pepper and the arbitrary turmeric

The broth of white bean broth of Kashan

Ingredients: beef: 300 grams (chopped and greasy) onion: 1 x tomato paste 1 tablespoon Svphvry local white beans Kashan: 200 grams of turmeric and pepper and salt to the extent necessary.

Chickpea stew s

Ingredients: Peas – a pint of sheep’s meat – half a kilo of onions – Three tomato purée – 4/1 cup Saffron – ½ teaspoon dried lime – Five cinnamon – ½ teaspoon salt and pepper – to the extent necessary oil – The amount of rose water – a spoonful of soup.


Ingredients for 4 people: 1 kg eggplant a 1 medium onion slice chopped 50 g butter, 3 tomatoes 2 to 3 tomatoes 1 clove of garlic Chopped Salt and pepper.

● Nutrition Tips of the amount of nutrients per person: 274 kcal 9 g protein 41 g carbohydrate 11 g fat

Chelo Dizi Kashan

This is one of the local desert dishes from Khalidabad, located in Kashan. Ingredients for six: Rice: 4 cups cowpea: 2 cups lamb (shoulder or hip): half a kilogram of onions: 2 medium Turmeric: three teaspoons of salt: the necessary amount of oil: 100 g (half a glass of normal) (For each cup of rice or beans, half a teaspoon of salt and turmeric).

Kashan Jasmine Daisies

It is one of the local and traditional cuisines of Kashan. muscles of Sheep and onion rings Ingredients: 500 grams of each small aborigine: six tomato halves: Four pomegranate sauce: half a cup of turmeric, salt and pepper to the extent necessary.


Introduction of Kashan:

Many Iran travelers like to visit Kashan because of its unique sights and traditional arts. As it is located of the main highway from Tehran to Isfahan, Iran tourists usually stop here, Kashan tourist destinations have got some highlights of Iran to offer their visitors.

Restaurants in Kashan

Manouchehri House Restaurant

Abbasi Tea House & Traditional Restaurant

Cafe Shazdeh

Mirrors Hall Restaurant (Talare Ayeneh)

Hamman-e Khan Coffee Shop

Negin restaurant

Mahinestan Raheb Reastaurant

Rose House

Madarbozorg Historical House Traditional Restaurant

Hotels of Kashan

Iranian House

Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel

Manouchehri House

Ehsan House

Darbe Bagh Residence

Negin Traditional Hotel

Kamalalmolk Traditional Guest House

Noghli Historical House

Mahinestan Raheb Hotel

Sadeghi Traditional Inn

Negrestan Hotel

Barzok Rouhani House

Kashan Shirin Hotel

Amir Kabir Hotel

Kowsar Hotel

Souvenir of Kashan

Kashan is far well-known for its water of rose and its amazing carpet. All souvenirs of Kashan are in the Bazaar of this historical city of Iran. The best thing to buy is saffron as on the moreover, it is cheaper than most other countries. It is so small and easy to carry.


Travel advice on different seasons of Kashan

Traveling in different seasons of Kashan will give you an experience of all temperatures



Transportation in Kashan

Qom highway connects Kashan to Tehran. Kashan it is just 2.5 hours far away from Tehran as capital of Iran. Also it’s accessible through Nain and Esfahan. There are many buses from Tehran to Kashan.



Kashan Bus Terminal

The main bus terminal is on the northern edge of the city. Buses from Kashan terminal leave regularly to Tehran via Qom and to Esfahan.



Train Station

The train station is about 2km northeast of the city center.There is four trains a day between Kashan and Tehran.



Ambulance 115 Directory inquiries 118 Fire Brigade 125 Police 110 (112 from mobile (cell) phones will also get you through to the local police)  Fire & Rescue 125

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