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Abyaneh red Village : Red Village in Iran | Abyaneh Iran Travel Guide

Abyaneh Red Village

Abyaneh (ابيانه‎‎) is a village in Barzrud Rural District, in the Central District of Natanz County, Isfahan Province, Iran, and its population was 305, in 160 families.
Abyaneh village (UNESCO) is one of the oldest villages in Iran, and also attracting numerous native and foreign tourists year-round, during traditional feasts and ceremonies.

Woman in Abyaneh, typically wears a white long scarf which covering the shoulders and upper trunk, which has a colorful pattern and an under-knee skirt. They have some interesting traditional customs.

Abyaneh Red Village architecture

Getting to the village involves a 50 kilometer drive off the Kashan-Natanz road, through a few villages, then into the actual valley of Abyane. The first thing that is interesting for the tourists is the unique architecture. The roofs of some houses are the front yards of the next one up because the houses are arranged like steps up the hillside. For building the house used traditional materials, timber, straw and clay. The walls, also red mud bricks and these bricks get stronger when exposed to the rain. The doors designed with the beautiful patterns, poems and, sometimes, the names of the owner and mason are carved on the front.

There is a Friday mosque in the middle of village which has a wooden prayer niche around and carved decorations dating back to the Seljuqi Period. Inside there is a beautiful sanctuary hall with large wooden pillars. There are some other places which are worth a visit including the Zoroastrian fire-temple, three castles, a few pilgrimage sites and a mill.

Abyaneh Red Village Souvenir

A kind of stew (Gipa), cooked with mutton and it’s a local dish, served on special occasions and feasts there is another specialties of the region include Jovin, made with barley, Karvani, made with curd and fried onions, and Ardine, made with local vegetables and yogurt.

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This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German) esEspañol (Spanish)