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We recommend you: Do not forget to visit Iran in autumn! Excursion in the pleasant weather of autumn makes an unforgettable memorial for you. Moreover, colorful woods, beautiful lakes, and wonderful waterfalls are among the Iran tourism places in the beautiful season of autumn.

Visit Iran in Autumn: Bisheh Waterfall

Bisheh Waterfall

The next, Sharestanak Village is one of the most beautiful and oldest villages in Iran, located in Alborz province (km 42 of Karaj Road to Chalus). The reason why this village is popular for enthusiasts and tourists is its streets that are filled with colorful trees and a beautiful river that flows through it, though.

However, If you are planning to travel to Iran, you should visit the Lorestan province. One of the attractions of this province is the Bisheh Waterfall with an altitude of 48 meters, which is located on lands covered with oak trees.

Iran Beautiful Natural

Iran Beautiful Natural

This waterfall is one of the nationally registered attractions in Iran ecotourism which is located in this village, and access to it is through Khorramabad city, 50 km away. The second route to access this cascade is the Dorood railway to Sepid dasht, though.

However, Forests of the area are one of the wildest forests in Iran because they have more than 70,000 hectares. Eastern Azerbaijanis call these forests “the lost paradise of East Azerbaijan”.

Natural treasure in North of Iran

Natural treasure in North of Iran

However, Arasbaran forests connect from the northern part to the Aras River, from the eastern part to the Meshgin city, from the southern part to the Ajan and Sarab, and from the western part to Marand and Tabriz. Furthermore, Access to the beautiful Arasbaran forests through the southern border of the Aras River and the border between the cities of Jolfa and Kalibar.

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