Sabalan Wonders

Sabalan Mount is an inactive volcano located in Meshkin Shahr, Ardebil. Sabalan is the third highest mountain in Iran and a permanent crater take has formed at the summit.

Sabalan Mountain is one of the most unique places in all over the world not just for its great height and just as a mountain, but also for its wonderful natural attractions such as wild lifeherbal plants, honey, mineral springs, hot springs, cultural villages and etc.

sabalan nomads

Sabalan has a ski resort and different tourist areas such as Sarein spa. The mountain is known for its beautiful vistas including the Shirvan gorge where few climbers ever venture. The volcano is quite old as its rocks have been dated to million years ago. Some references state that volcanic activity continued into the Holocene less than 10000 years ago.

sabalan nomads

The mountain enjoys specific attractions in various seasons of the year where the mountain climber feels he has entered a land of dreams and wonders. One the slopes of the mountain many mineral water springs flow which attract thousands of tourists each year and many have healed in the springs. There are also many trails and a few very small villages in the area as well as many nomad people with their round tents.Visiting these more primitive people is one of the best reasons for climbing the mountain. Located in the extreme north-west of Iran this is the second highest peak,about 4821 meters makes taller than Mount Blanc in the Alps.

The mountain,the crater,and the lake can usually be ascended from the northern and southern tracks. Once ascended one can see a panorama of the beautiful region for more than a hundred kilometers around.The crater lake is located on the south-east side of the mountain.Its elliptical and measures are 145 meters across and 80 meters wide with 25 meters depth.

sabalan nomads

In 2008 and for the first time a female hiker managed to swim in the icy waters of Sabalan lake.

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