Persepolis in shiraz, Iran
Persepolis in shiraz Iran

Persepolis in shiraz, Iran

The ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire is Persepolis, located in 60 km northeast of the city of Shiraz in Fars Province, Iran. Persepolis with its 2500 Years history is one of the most important sites in Iran which is registered to UNESCO World Heritage in 1979.

Persepolis’s name regards to Pars e City (Persian City), includes a 125,000 square meter terrace on Rahmat Mountains. Depressions were filled with soil and heavy rocks, which were joined together with metal clips for creating this level terrace.

Andere Godard the French archaeologist, who excavated Persepolis in the early 1930s, believed that it was Cyrus the Great who chose the site of Persepolis, but that it was Darius I who built the terrace and the palaces.

There are a lot of parts in this site, Apadana Palace (Darius used it as official audiences), Sad Sotoon palace (The military palace), Gate of all nations and Tachar Palace and the other beautiful parts.

Also there are several beautiful symbols which everyone mentions to some special things for example, lutus flower, refer to 12 months of year, the fighting between cow and Lion, symbol of Coming summer and leaving winter.

This is a world of inscription and stories for exploring.

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