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The capital of Kermanshah Province is located 525 kilometers from Tehran in the western part of Iran. A majority of the population speaks Southern Kurdish.


The province has a rich Paleolithic heritage. Many caves with Paleolithic remains have been surveyed or excavated there. There are some caves which are located in Bisetoun and north of Kermanshah. The first known physical remains of Neanderthal man in Iran were discovered in Bisitoun Cave. Do-Ashkaft, Kobeh, Warwasi, and Mar Tarik are some of the Middle Paleolithic sites in the region.

Historical attractions:

Taq Bostan: A place for all types of personalities: historical, garden, lake and restaurants. So it’s better to go there in the late afternoon and after seeing the sight have dinner there.
Takieh Mo’aven ol-Molk: There are 3 parts in this Takieh for different ceremonies. Walls have beautiful paintings of religious events and the windows have colorful glasses. There is a garden in the back of the building with a nice atmosphere.
Mehdi: We visited this sit on our last trip (2014) and possibly were a little jaded by this stage. Beautiful yes but there are just so many equally gorgeous sites.

Religious attraction:

Jaame Mosque: This historical mosque is still functional and you can see a mixture of historical elements mixed with modern ones. Unfortunately by these additions the atmosphere has changed a lot.


Tabarestan Restaurant and Shaily restaurant


Parsian Hotel and Jamshid Hotel


Glarin, Kok, Bread, Rice

Emergency NO:

Ambulance 115
Directory inquiries 118
Fire Brigade 125
Police 110 (112 from mobile (cell) phones will also get you through to the local police)
Fire & Rescue 125



This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)