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Iran Visa for American,British and Canadian

Iran Visa for American,British and Canadian

Just as nationals from most other countries, British and Canadian and American citizens are most welcome to visit Iran. The only point to consider is that they must be accompanied by a tour guide and should have a pre-designed itinerary which they should follow precisely during the trip. We can assure you that you will have no problems for travelling to Iran or get Iran visa if you contact us in advance to do all the preparations for your trip.

Please do this step and send us your documents, we will do rest of things:

-Find valid Travel agency in Iran for apply your Iran visa.

-Choose final itinerary for your trip to Iran that based on your final time and cities in Iran with information of your travel guide that will stay with you during entire tour.

-Send passport copy in jpeg form that has at least 6 months validity.

-Fill it out application form that based on your personal information on website of travel agency.

-The travel agency applies for your visa by Iranian MFA that is located in Tehran and after 30_40 days, send your authorization number.

-Embassy in every country that has different rules and need different documents but at all you can get your Iran visa to visit Iran ,after three days with this authorization number, two photos and application form that you can print it from your embassy  site and fill it out.

-You can choose Washington as place of your issue or any city in any country that has Iranian embassy.

-Please notice that based on your nationality you can’t get on arrival visa of Iran. About 90 percent of people who request Iranian touristic Visa will be accepted in Iran’s ambassadorship. Journalists, military people and photographers must try other procedures with other conditions in order to take Iranian visa.