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Iran has some days in the year as holidays on which the offices, universities and schools are off. You may wanna know about them before you plan for your trip to Iran. before explaining the year holidays in Iran, it should be mentioned that Friday is the Islamic day of rest in Iran. so every Friday isa holiday, and Saturday and Sunday are normal official days. What follows is a list of Iran holidays including the dates in 2018-2019: Iran Vacations

Iran vacations in 2018-2019

Nowrouz holidays in Iran

21st of March / 1st To 13th of farvardin

Nowruz is the name of the Iranian New Year, also known as the Persian New Year. The first 13 days of Persian New Year are considered as holidays and most of people choose to travel around Iran during this period.

13 bedar in Iran ad a holiday

Vacation in Iran 2018-2019, 13bedar

14th of April / 25th of farvardin
Eid of Mabas

Mabas is the event of Prophet Mohammad being chosen as the messenger of Allah. Therefore this is a holiday in Iran to be celebrated.

2nd of May 12th ordibehesht
Imam Mahdi’s Birthday

Imam Mahdi, who is believed by Iranian Shias to be the last (12th) Imam was born on this day. People all around Iran celebrate this day by distributing confectionary and juices among people.

4th of June / 14th khordad
Anniversory of Imam Khomeini’s death

Iranian Shia Muslim religious leader and politician, Imam Khomeini, who was the founder of Iran as an Islamic republic and the leader of its 1979 Iranian Revolution, died in 1989. Therefore, this day is a holiday in Iran for his remembrance.

5th of June / 15th Khordad
Bloody Uprising

In 1963, the public protest took place against the arrest of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini after his strong remarks on Iran’s Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The protestors were harshly suppressed. Therefore a day is named after people who were died in this event.

6th of June /16th Khordad
Martyrdom of Imam Ali

Imam Ali, the firs Imam of Shias, was assassinated in 661. This night is also assumed to be The Night of Qadr which is a very great night in the blessed month of Ramadan. It is “the Night of Greatness.” In it, Allah brought down a great Book- the Qur’an. People all around Iran try to spend this night awake in mosques till the morning, doing religious rituals.

15th of June / 25th & 26th of khordad Iran Vacations
Fitr Eid

Eid al-Fitr is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting.

9th of July / 18th of Tir Iran Vacations
Imam Sadegh’s martyrdom

Martyrdom of imam Sadegh is a religious and public holiday commemorated in Iran

22nd of August / 31st of Mordad Iran Vacations
Eid-e-Ghorban (Feast of Sacrifice)

One of the great festivals in Muslim Calender is Eid-e Ghorban which is to commemorate the willingness of prophet Ebrahim to follow Allah’s command to sacrifice his son. As God saw he accepted the command, Allah told him to sacrifice a Sheep instead of his Son. Iranians just like other Muslims around the world, observe this event.

30th of August / 8th of Shahrivar Iran Vacations
Ghadir-e Khom Eid

Ghadir event happened in 632. The Islamic prophet Muhammad gathered all the Muslims who were with him while returning from the Hajj pilgrimage, and gave a long sermon. He announced Imam Ali as the master of Muslims. This day is one of the grate eids in Iran which people celebrate nationwide.

19th of September / 28th of Sahrivar Iran Vacations

Tasua marks the martyrdom of Abalfaz al-Abbas, Imam Hossein’s brother. Great rituals happen in this day all around in Iran, one of the dominants of which occurs in Zanjan, Iran.

Holidays in IRan, Tasua.

Tasua in Zanjan, Iran. people respecting Imam Hossein

20th of September / 29th Shahrivar

Ashura marks the martyrdom of Imam Hossein and is the most intense and passionate date on the Shia Muslim calendar, particularly in Iran, where the vast majority of the people are Shia. Iranians have great ceremonies and rituals in this day. Iran Vacations

30th of October / 8th of Aban

Arba’een is a Shia Muslim religious observance that occurs forty days after the Day of Ashura. It commemorates the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Iran Vacations

7th of November / 16th of Aban
Prophet Mohammad and Imam Hassan’s matrydom

Prophet of Islam and his daughter’s son are both died in the same day of different years. People in Iran take mourning ceremonies and rituals in their martyrdom day in holy places like mosques.

8th of November / 17th of Aban
matrydom Imam Reza

Imam Reza’s matrydom day, who is buried in Mashhad, Iran. People gather in his holy shrine and other holy places of Iran and do some rituals in this day.

25th of November / 4th of Azar
Prophet Mohammad and Imam Sadegh’s Birthday anniversary

Prophet of Islam was born in 570. Imam sadegh was also born in the same day; therefore, People in Iran celebrate this day nationwide.

9th of February / 20th of Bahman
Martyrdom of Fatima Zahra

Fatimah, the daughter of holy prophet, was martyrized in 632. People take mourning ceremonies and rituals in her martyrdom day in holy places like mosques.

11th of February / 22nd Bahman
Iranian Islamic Republic Day

Victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, which is celebrated by holding nationwide rallies.

20th March / 29th Esfand
Oil Nationalization Day

Members of the Iranian parliament voted for nationalization of oil industry in Iran in 1951. This led to Britain’s 40-year monopoly end in Iran.