Iran Feminine Travel Dress code

Iran feminine Dress code

Iran feminine Dress code Iranian Dress code for feminine travelers has continuously been a concern to many tourists. Iranian women wear like western countries but on an Islamic frame. Foreigners usually ask about the behavior if they want to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran. Besides the question how to get an Iran visa, the dress code of Iran is […]

Qashqai Nomads Wedding

Qashqai Nomads Wedding

Qashqai Nomads Wedding Qashqai tribe, is one of the Iranian tribal unions that, like many of the later Iranian tribal unions, is a mixture of tribes with diverse ethnic origins of Lur, Kurdish, Arab, and Turkish, but most Qashqai have Turkish roots and almost all speak dialect of Turkish. Qashqai Nomads Wedding The main center […]

Persian Wedding Customs

Persian Wedding Customs

Iranian Wedding Ceremony According to the history, different nations and tribes shows us a different image of marriage. Iran is such a country which is home to many tribes and cultures. Persian Wedding Customs There are several kinds of traditions and customs among Iranian tribes but on the whole they all follow certain rules and steps. […]

The mysterious masked women of Iran

The mysterious masked women of Iran The mask worn by several Bandari ladies is maybe the foremost placing of all their uncommon apparel. A jumble of cultures The folks in Hormozagan province on Iran’s southern coast area unit called Bandari (Port People). Once a very important stop on the Spice Route, the realm has been […]

how to wear a scarf on your head?

how to wear a scarf on your head?

How to look good in Iran: A helpful guide to dress code in Iran how to wear a scarf on your head ? The hijab is an important part of Iranian women. The Islamic dress code requires women to cover their body except the hands and face with loose clothing. The purpose of the hijab […]

Iran Dress Code | Iran Tour Operator Iran Travel Agency

Iran Dress Code

Iran Dress Code Iran Dress Code,Iran Tour Operator,Iran Travel Agency Dress Code in Iran Dress Code in Iran is one of our most frequently asked questions for visitors. So, we’ve put together this handy guide for women and men to know before you travel to Iran. Moreover, Iran as an Islamic country has an especial […]

Iranian Traditional Clothes , South of Iran

Traditional clothing of Iran

Traditional Clothing in Iran Clothing was always one of the most dominant issues since the ancient years in Iran. There are many things that make Iran as a wonderful destination since you can see how different people from different tribes with their critically different lifestyles and cultures are introducing themselves as an Iranian and belong to [...]