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Iran as one of the ancient civilizations in the world has its own cultural characteristics. As you know, Any foreigner should has some background information about the special characteristics of the target destination‘ nation.

Iran is such country owns a great ancient history and also is known as Multicultural country. Therefore, you are as a tourist facing to a wide different characteristics. Yep, that’s right but don’t worry! Although Iran is made from different nations, but its nation has several similarities in their behaviors known as Iranian Characteristic Facts.

Iranian Cultural Characteristic

Iranian Cultural Characteristic

Iranians …

  1. are really kind, friendly and hospitable people.
  2. appreciate family and respect to the elder members.
  3. mostly the youths stay with their parents until they get married but there are some guys living on their own after finishing the university.
  4. are clever people and praise knowledge, arts, music and singing, poems, literature which surprising you when you have conversation with them.
  5. are proud of their country and its history.
  6. are really brave people and this claim has proved during the history of Iran.
  7. respect to all religions.
  8. respect to all nationalities, tribes and different cultures.
  9. care about their clothes and they are often formal in the public.
  10. women have hijab in public according to their believes.
  11. enjoy all kind of sport and mostly football, volleyball, wrestling and specially the amazing traditional sport- Pahlavani in Zurkhaneh.
  12. seize the day! They are really happy people and in love with traveling, national ceremonies, family gathering, picnics and spend time outside with their friends.
  13. care about what they are eating, so, don’t wonder for the wide variety of traditional foods in Iran.
  14. are luxury people, you will be surprised when enter an Iranian house and see the best brands of furniture.
  15. are really polite in behavior with others.
The Art of Taarof , Iranian Characteristics

The Art of Taarof , Iranian Characteristics

Interesting Facts Need to Know

To Do in Iran!

  1. When someone smile and say hello to you please reply with your smile, he just want to welcome you.
  2. Having smile on your face shows your interest in Iran and its nation and culture.
  3. When someone gazes on you, don’t worry! Undoubtedly he/she is glad to see you are interested in Iran and just cannot share his/her feeling by your language.
  4. Iranian intelligent children are fantastically nice and curious and enjoy saying Hello to you, please reply with a friendly smile. Or, sometimes some guys like to take a photo with you, if it is OK with you, try this amazing job.

  5. You can speak about Iran history and receive amazing stories and anecdotes from Iranian.
  6. When you are invited for a hearty meal to a Persian home, you have to refuse a second helping even if you are hungry for more or if your hosts offers you more. If the offer is made a third time, you can accept. It is the ‘Art of Taarof’ by Iranian.
  7. Iranian enjoy delicious foods and courage you to eat as themselves and its just because they are really hospitable people and it is a custom among them to ask their guests several time to eat more.
  8. Please respect to the different believes and customs you see in Iran.
Iranian Hospitality

Iranian Hospitality

Not to Do in Iran!

  1. Never enter any holy shrines, mosques or religious places with your shoes. Please put them of and then enter.
  2. Take off your shoes when you are invited to a Persian home, you can ask for permission.
  3. Please ask for permission before shaking hand with an Iranian woman since some may don’t like with men because of religious reasons.
  4. Despite the European and western counties, there is no problem if you would like to ask about private issues, it shows you are interested in Iranian cultures and characteristics. Just please don’t ask about the women’ age in any country because it’s really a secret!
  5. Do not deny the rules of Iran, like alcohol drinkings which is forbidden in Iran.
Iranian Girls , Facts about Iranian

Iranian Girls , Facts about Iranian

Iran is known as a multicultural country where its nation carrying different culture, characteristics and personalities. You would have a wonderful trip in Iran with such hospitable nice people.

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