Ghale Rudkhan Castle

Ghale Rudkhan Caslte is a local name in Talesh which is the most ancient monuments in the Guilan province. Because this historic castle is built along the river, the ancient name of “Rudan Dam” or “Rugan” (the dam that is located close to the river) has changed to Ghale Rudkhan castle.

Ghale Rudkhan castle is also known as “One Thausand Stair Castle“, “Hesami”, “Saksar”, “Sagsar” and “Sagsal” during thehistorical periods.

Ghale Rudkhan Castle

Ghale Rudkhan Castle’ History

Some researchers believe that the castle belongs to the Sassanid period, the time of the Arab invasion of Iran and was re-established during the Seljuk period which has been the base of the Ismailis struggles.

For the first time in 1830, the Polish scientist, Alexander Sheszko Khachko, discovered Rudkhan Castle while investigating in Gilan, and recorded his position in the memorial. He writes about the Ghale Rudkhan Castle: “A fortress is on top of a mountain in the upper part of the river of the same name, the roof is a stone, and the entrance side has two solid tower defenses and carved on the inscription on the entrance to which the castle for the first time In 918-921 AH was restored to Sultan Hessamuddin Amirdabaj bin Amir Aladdin Ishaq.

This beautiful castle that dates back to 1354 to record national and historical monuments.

Ghale Rudkhan Castle

Geographical Location of Rudkhan castle

Ghale Rudkhan castle is located 20 kilometers southwest of Fouman, in Gilan which is above the village of Rudkhan.

Fouman is 20 km from Rasht, and there is a beautiful road on the way to Fouman to the castle of Rood Khan. From the center of Fouman to the castle of Rood Khan, you can walk 22 km from the car park after a distance of about 2 km.

Ghale Rudkhan Castle , North Iran , Gilan

Ghale Rudkhan’ Architecture

Ghale Rudkhan Castle consists of two parts of the citadel (the residence of his ruler and his harem) and the castle (the place of military activities and soldiers’ lives).

Ghale Rudkhan Castle , North Iran , Gilan

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