Zanjan Natural Attractions

Zanjan province is one of the provinces of Iran located in the northwest of Iran which is known as Zanjan plateau. In addition to the historical monuments, mosques and old buildings, there are Zanjan Natural Attractions, too, such as waterfalls, rivers, caves, wetlands and virgin villages.

Aladaghlar Mountain , Zanjan Mountain

Aladaghlar Mountain

These mountains are colorful due to existence of , especially copper and yellow color, in conditions of good light and warm air, it is a good subject for nature photography.

Behestan Castle , Zanjan Natural Attractions

Behestan Castle

Behestan or Old Fort is located in Mah Neshan city in Zanjan province, along with the Ghezel Ozan River. According to some archaeologists, the fort is dating back to the Medes.

Jen chimney , Zanjan Natural Attractions

Jen Chimney, Zanjan Natural Attractions

Jen chimney that is called the Hoodoo in the field of geology is actually a kind of erosion, due to which long minarets of sediments and rocks remain in the elementary layers. There is an example of this natural phenomenon in Zanjan.

Katale Khor Cave , Zanjan Natural Attractions

Kataleh Khor Cave

The Kataleh Khor Cave is based on surveys carried out on various meanings such as the hill of the sun, the village without sun, etc.

The best appropriate meaning of this is a Turkish application, which means that the tomb, the height and the rocks in the cave and the crust means a convenient and easy way to the overall form is to say that it is comfortable and cozy.

Dash Kasen Temple , Chinese Temple , Zanjan

Dash Kasen Temple , Chinese Temple , Zanjan Natural Attractions

Dash Kasen Temple, Zanjan Natural Attractions

Dash Kasen Temple is a rock formations located on the edge of the village of Vera, about 15 km south-east of the historic city of Soltanieh (Zanjan).

This temple is a memorial to the Ilkhanite period with the dragon design. It is decorated with two prominent dragons and a few Islamic alms on both sides of it.

Zanjan Natural Attractions , Mountain , Cave , Iran Destination

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