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Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? We want to talk about Tour cost for traveling to Iran. Travel to Iran to get to know about it. Are you interested in experiencing that? what do you know about Iran destination tour one of the most famous Iran travel agency in shiraz and also Iran? This is great and you can be sure that the most exciting experiences will be waiting for you. In this article, we introduce all the requirements to travel to Iran. Also, the do and don’ts of traveling to Iran. Also, we answer this question: how to travel to Iran.

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The tour cost for traveling to Iran

The tour cost for traveling to Iran is closely related to your lifestyle and type of travel. Do you like to carry your backpack on your shoulder and travel to Iran to see different lifestyles and different cultures, or do you prefer to spend your honeymoon in the most luxurious hotels and tourist areas of Iran? Fully in line with your travel goals, moods, and personality traits, you will have to pay different costs for your trip to Iran.

Keep in mind that if you buy a tour to travel to Iran, you will not have to worry about Iranian expenses and you will pay all your expenses to the tour organizer through the package you buy. However, if you want to travel to Iran individually and without attending the tour, it is better to be with us until the end of this article.

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Obtaining an Iranian visa
Planning and implementation of various types of Iran tours for foreign tourists with historical, cultural, nature, thematic purposes (photography, mountaineering, nomads, skiing, etc.)
Assign tour supervisors and local guides
Hotel reservation throughout Iran individually and in groups
Book flights, trains and ferries on all available routes
Rental of all types of vehicles (ceremonial, group, off-road vehicles, etc.)
Holding all kinds of coordination tours and conducting educational and business tours
Exhibition tours, conferences, congresses, etc. (MICE)
Medical tourism services
VIP and CIP airport services

Accommodation for tour cost

Some hotels in Iran have special features that have made some of them tourist attractions. These hotels have a very special architecture and their design is inspired by the original architectural features of the area, while others are located in a unique location. Some of these hotels are also quite luxurious. Among these hotels, there are several hotels that have all these features together.

Usually we all think that it is possible to stay somewhere only in one hotel and because hotels are usually expensive, we skip our trip altogether. Accommodation is not limited to hotels and there are many accommodation options throughout Iran.

Tour cost

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Road transportation

Road transport between different cities of Iran is done in two ways: bus and taxi. As a general rule about transportation in Iran, keep in mind that in Iran there are buses from every provincial center to other provincial centers. Iranian intercity buses are classified into two types, ordinary and special (VIP). Some large passenger terminals have buses to smaller cities in addition to provincial capitals. Moreover, In each province, there are buses from all cities and towns to other cities.

However, The general rule in Iran is that if there is no direct ticket from origin to destination. You can easily travel to any of the neighboring provinces by bus from any province. Of course, the minibus also runs on shorter routes and smaller cities. Also, It due to its low standards in accordance with the standards of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO, we do not recommend you to use it. (Unless you are traveling precisely for the purpose of experiencing new phenomena in the direction of maximum sensory and experimental affinity with your host community, or you want to travel at the lowest cost).

Keep in mind that minibuses are much cheaper than buses. Also, intercity taxis are another thing that you can experience when traveling from Iran to another city. In Iran, linear taxis run from most major cities to each other. These taxis are safe and operate under the auspices of the taxi organization. Taxis are more expensive than buses.

Tour cost

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