Vakil Bazaar

Vakil Bazaar is the main bazaar of Shiraz, Iran, which is located in the historical center of the city. The bazaar has beautiful courtyards, bath houses, and old shops which are deemed among the best places in Shiraz for buying all kinds of Persian copper handicrafts, rugs, spices, and antiques. It is believed that this bazaar has been established by the Buwayhids in the 11th century AD, and then was completed by the Atabaks of Fars, and was renamed after Karim Khan Zand in the 18th century. believed to be the most beautiful baazar in Iran, Vakil Baazar’s astonishing vaulted brick ceiling regulates the temperature of the building by keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. That’s why it is a great place to escape from the heat during the summer.



vakil bazaar ceiling, shiraz, Iran destination

The halls are filled with the smell of spice. There are shalls and materials hanging from the top creating an amazing sensory experience. Local people still do a major part of their shopping in this historical bazaar. A local guide can greatly help you with buying souvenirs, as there are many handicrafts, antiques and also precious rugs.

vakil bazaar saraye moshir, shiraz, Iran destination

vakil bazaar, saraye moshir, Iran destination

Vakil bazaar is the best explored by wandering without concern for time or direction, and heading at whim along the atmospheric maze of lanes that lead off the main thoroughfares. With any luck, a ramble will lead to the tribal handicraft arcade of Shamshirgarha Bazaar, the Seray-e Moshir (a restored caravanserai) and the nearby Seray-e Mehr Teahouse – an atmospheric little place to pause for lunch.

vakil bazaar saraye moshir, shiraz, Iran destination

vakil bazaar saraye moshir, shiraz,

Bazar-e Vakil continues on the north side of Karim Khan-e Zand Blvd.

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vakil bazaar saraye moshir, shiraz, Iran destination

vakil bazaar saraye moshir, shiraz,

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