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Shahdad Desert 

Shahdad is a city in Kerman Province, Iran, its population was 4,097, in 1,010 families. The distance from Kerman city to Shahdad is 95 km for driving. The local climate is hot and dry and also the main agricultural produce is date fruits. Shahdad desert camp and kaluts Hottest place on earth

Shahdad desert google map location

Shahdad desert camp and kaluts Hottest place on earth

Kenaran Valley

Shahdad has a triangular shape whose vertex is located towards the Kenaran Valley and also is located in the east of Tekab. It is covered with Citrus and Palm groves.

In 20 KM from Shahdad, there is a desert camp with a fantastic kaluts which registered to UNESCO world heritage site. It has some facilities such as Water, electricity, WC, an outdoor amphitheater, sun bathing, sleeping in the sand and relaxing in 35 Pergola that is made with palm leaves.

shahdad desert 2

Shahdad desert camp and kaluts Hottest place on earth

Lut Desert

Lut Desert includes three parts: The northern, central and southern sections. The largest part of lut desert is located in central section, also reaches its lowest altitude. There are kalouts a moving sand castle that is built one day and the interesting point is moving on the next, in this region that extends from central Lut to the west.

Kaluts, Lut Desert , Shahdad

Shahdad Attractions 

Qanat: the most wonderful sources of underground water.

Castles: there are many historical castles and caravansary that date back to old civilizations.

Rood Shoor: It is a salty river among the Kaluts. 

Gandom Beryan: The area that you can cook with the sun heat.

Nebka: The natural Vases.

Cistern: Water storage buildings that used in the past.

Kaluts, Lut Desert , Shahdad

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This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German)