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The tomb of Darius the Great is among the four tombs of  Persian kings at the unique site of  Necropolis (so-called: Naqshe-Roostam) which is located about 15 km north of Shiraz. However, Tomb of Darius the Great  is decorated with inscription and figures of troops from twenty-eight nations. This figures somehow depict the respect towards the king.

In Iranian belief,  Necropolis consider as a holy place sine the mountain expose to sun and sun-ray all during the day. For this reason, researches believe that sun, star and sky were somehow holy elements for Iranians in Ancient times.


The unique feature of the Tomb of Darius the Great

The Tomb of Darius the Great is located in a significant height above the ground. Anyway, Necropolis was already a site of several Persian king who ordered his monumental tomb. However, only Tomb of Darius the Great can be identified without any doubt by its unique inscriptions in Necropolis. Furthermore, three are three other tombs at the sire which are belongs to Darius the Great successors, namely: Xerxes the first, Artaxerxes the first, and Darius the second.

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Ancient Necropolis of Iran

Interestingly, the site was already in high demand prior to Achaemenids dynasty, as there are some evidences of Elamites. However, this old relief is carved over by a Sasanid carves, due to unknown reasons.

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