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Sassanid Ardashir Palace

Sassanid Archaeological Landscape – Iran Destination

in adiThereforemmthabtSassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region- UNESCO World Heritage Site As you know, Fars province in Iran is so rich in history. 22 properties in Iran are already registering on the World Heritage List. Recently, in June, 2018, eight Archeological sites located in three geographical areas of Fras Province were inscribed on UNESCO’s world […]

Bavanat village and Abbas Barzegar

Bavanat village and Abbas Barzegar

Bavanat County   Bavanat village and Abbas Barzegar : Bavanat County is located in the Fars Province of Iran. The capital of this county is Surian. The county is divided into two districts: the Central District and Sarchehan District. The county has two cities: Surian and Korehi. Abbas Barzegar house   Abbas Barzegar and his household […]

The Interesting Life of Iranian Nomads

The Interesting Life of Iranian Nomads Nomadic life is the most ancient way of humankind living, the characteristic that makes it an attraction of technology era. Almost everywhere in the world the nomads have maintained their local custom and traditions such as their lifestyle and residence, language, music, local food, clothes, ceremonies and etc. All […]

Sasanian Dynasty Gaur city

Gour,First City of Sassanian Dynasty

Sasanian Dynasty Gaur city Sasanian Dynasty Gaur city :The first city of Sassanian dynasty was built 3 kilometers from where is located in Firuzabad of Shiraz. Ardeshir built this city to declare independence from Parthian government.The ancient city of Gour is completely circular,with a 2 kilometers diameter,a mud wall and a ditch with the width […]

Arg-e Karim Khan Shiraz

Who is Karim Khan Zand? Karim Khan was the founder of the Zand dynasty that ruled Iran from 1750 to 1779. As one of the advocates of the development of Iran he chose Shiraz as his capital during the Zand period that the city witnessed the peak of its prosperity. In this period many buildings […]

Shiraz Parishan

Natural wonders of Arjhan and Parishan

Natural wonders of Arjhan and Parishan Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? What do you know about Natural wonders of Arjhan and Parishan? Do you want to know more about it? Did you choose your travel agency? what do you know about Iran destination tour one of the most famous […]