Zahedan Jaame Mosque

Mecca Zahedan Mosque

Mecca Zahedan Mosque Mecca Zahedan Mosque which is built recently in Zahedan, is 3 meters high and 4 minarets high and 2 meters high, with a central dome height of 6 meters, is one of the largest mosques in the Sunni Iran and the world. Zahidan Jame Mosque In the first year of construction, the […]


Sistan and Balochistan An ancient belief states that Sistan and Balochistan is the 11th land created by Ahura Mazda. This ancient land has various names in during the history such as Sivustan, Sakestan, Sistan, Massageat, Aria Polis, Drangiana, Zarang, Zaranj, Nimroz or Meridian, Zavol, Zabol and etc. In this article, we aim to introduce this […]

Iran Zahedan Chabahar

Iran Zahedan Chabahar

Iran , Zahedan, Chabahar Iran has so many natural attractions. some of these wonders can be seen in one of the harbors in Sistan and Balouchestan province. Gel Afshan is one of the most interesting natural attractions of Chabahar. This mountain which erupts mud is located 100 km from Chabahar and you have to climb […]