Surfing Iran

Chabahar Surfing Iran

Iran Destination is a  tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. The Iran Travel Company is ready to help you to travel to Iran, to the border areas like Sistan and Baluchistan. Following, read about  one of the best Surfing Coasts not only in Iran but also in the world.  Surfing in Iran Chabahar, one of […]

Oldest Artificial Eye , Shahr-i Sukhta

The Oldest Artificial Eye – Shahr-i Sukhta

The Oldest Artificial Eye The oldest artificial eye in the world belongs to an Iranian woman that discovered in the ancient city government in the burning city of 6,000 years ago. Shahr-i Sukhta or the “Burnt City” is one of the symbols of great civilization of Sistan and Baluchistan where is moreover to being an ancient […]

Zahedan Jaame Mosque

Mecca Zahedan Mosque

Mecca Zahedan Mosque Mecca Zahedan Mosque which is built recently in Zahedan, is 3 meters high and 4 minarets high and 2 meters high, with a central dome height of 6 meters, is one of the largest mosques in the Sunni Iran and the world. Zahidan Jame Mosque In the first year of construction, the […]


Sistan and Balochistan An ancient belief states that Sistan and Balochistan is the 11th land created by Ahura Mazda. This ancient land has various names in during the history such as Sivustan, Sakestan, Sistan, Massageat, Aria Polis, Drangiana, Zarang, Zaranj, Nimroz or Meridian, Zavol, Zabol and etc. In this article, we aim to introduce this […]