Tabatabaei House

The Tabatabaei House is a historic house in Kashan, Iran and It was built in the early 1880s for the affluent Tabatabaei family. This house includes of four courtyards, wall paintings with elegant stained glass windows, and contains other classic features of traditional Persian residential architecture, like a biruni and andaruni.
Tabatabaei house is well preserved tourist attraction to visit in this desert city and also this house is definitely the most outstanding one in Ksahan. All from the area of the house to the underground rooms cool and conditioned in summer and moderate in winter. Its stucco and plaster works are amazing and its Construction took 10 years to complete. You can observe a rug pattern and its floral design with its beautiful details that reflect the changing sky patterns decorating the walls of this stunning house. Sizable pavilions are adjusted by walls bearing intricate relief carvings in floral patterns; and inner galleries and courtyards open to the elements. The love story behind this house it is very famous and rich merchant orders to build the house and at that time uses designs and shapes of the legendary bird Homa or (Sphinx) as his wife’s name (Because he was too much in love with her)was Homa. This bird, Homa inscribed on the walls of the house as delicate decorations which catch your eyes as the owner of this house had desired. There are the floral designs of Persian rug on the walls of this unique house as the owner was in fact a dealer. I you are Eager to take marvelous and unforgettable photos inside the house you can visit this historical house with its wonderful symmetrical designs. A lot of tourists visit this desert city or also have one night accommodation. It enjoys the art of symmetries which have made this edifice wonderfully unique in terms of its architecture.

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