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Shazdeh Garden is a green oasis lying in the heart of the desert

Shahzadeh Garden


Shahzadeh Garden, Kerman, Iran has 5.5 hectares with a rectangular shape and around the wall is surrounded by the wall. There is an entrance structure and gate at the lower end and a two-floor residential structure at the upper end in this garden and also the distance between these two is adornment with water fountains that are stimulus by the natural incline of the land. Shahzadeh garden is a good example of Persian gardens that take advantage of suitable natural climate.


Shahzadeh Garden, Kerman , google map Shahzadeh Garden google map


During Mohammad Hasan Khan Qajar Sardari Iravani this garden originally built and was totaly extended by Abdolhamid Mirza Naserodolleh during the eleven years of his governorship in the Qajar dynasty. This today visible structure dates almost entirely to this second period, and it is related to similar gardens designed by NaseroDolleh himself in Tehran.

The main residential building located at the entrance of a garden, the Garden also consists of a two-storied building for which the second floor was used as living quarters and for receiving guests. There are other smaller utility rooms which are situated along the sides of the Garden, and amongst them a few side entrances connect the Garden to the outside.

Some pools are around the Shazdeh Garden which was built in a terraced fashion. It is hearsay that upon the news of the governor’s death, the masons abandoned their work and because of that the main entrance still shows some unfinished areas. The location selected as it was placed on the route between Bam Citadel and Kerman.

There are a lot of beautiful trees in this garden, consists of a variety of cedar, elm, pine, buttonwood and fruit trees which benefit from the appropriate soil, light breezes and qanat water enable like environment in contrast to its dry surroundings. The selection and configuration of plants in Mahan Shahzadeh garden plays a determinant role in the garden’s identity.

Shahzadeh Garden in 2005 experts of the Research Center for Historical Sites amongst other gardens, on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Garden was finally inscribed in June of 2011.

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Shahzadeh Garden, Kerman Shahzadeh Garden

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