Persian Rose

Persian Roses particularly belong to Shiraz, the cultural capital of Iran. In fact, many people around the world know Shiraz by its enhancing Persian Roses.

Persian red rose is believed to be popular among the roses. It has a long, jagged stem and dark green leaves. This flower has a good aroma, so its aromas are used in cosmetics and hygiene products.   Shiraz Roses

Shiraz Rose

Persian Red Rose

Shiraz Rose

The best time to travel to Shiraz is in the spring, in May. When there is no news from the crowds of Norouz, as well as flamboyant flowers, Persian Rose, Mohammadi, Narges and Baboonai flowers have flown a flower festival in the city. It should breathe the city’s air with the smell of colorful flowers.

Persian Rose

Persian Pink Rose

Different Colors of Persian Roses

Persian Roses are produced in 4 colors, and all are available on the market during the whole year. Pink Roses are so favorable by Iranian which is reflected on the Persian architecture and aesthetic monuments, such as Pink Mosque and beautiful Persian gardens in Shiraz.

Persian Rose , Eram Garden

Persian Rose , Eram Garden

Differences between Persian and Dutch roses:

Appearance of buds: Difference in the appearance of Dutch and Persian roses in the form that the stalks of Persian rose is full of thorns, and also red roses of Persian with ordinary petals and bright red and Dutch rose with the petal is dark-red. Shiraz Roses

Duration of Rose Shelf: The most important difference is the duration of flowering or its useful life, so that the useful life of roses in Iran is between 3 and 6 days and the Dutch rose in the life of 10 to 20 days is not comparable to its Iranian counterpart.

Persian Roses are more suitable for gardens, and they are more durable when you plant them on the garden not to pick them for the vase. Persian Rose

Persian Rose , Shiraz

Pink Rose , Shiraz

Persian Rose, Persian Tour!

Iran Destination offers a variety of Iran Tours to help you to explore the  Persian Gardens as easy as possible.  By contact to our experienced and skilled tour operators, we’d help you to visit the most amazing highlights of Iran. Don’t hesitate to contact us! Shiraz Roses

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