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The Wonderful Underground City in Iran

The Wonderful Underground city in Iran is locating in Nooshabad, Kashan. This famous city is one of the most amazing and beautiful underground cities in the world which gazes any eyes.

Noosh Abad, the Wonderful Underground city, dates back to 1800 years ago to the Sassanid period. It was one of the capitals of Sassanid kingdom during the rule of Anoushirvan which is discovered about 13 years ago.

Noosh Abad , The Wonderful Underground city

Nooshabad , The Wonderful Underground city

Oyi, The Wonderful Underground city in Nooshabad

Oyi is formed under the whole city of Nooshabad and the depth of Oyi is estimated to be 4 to 16 meters, and its size is estimated to be 4km to the outside of Nooshabad.

Oyi was created as a handwritten under the texture of the city of Nooshabad as a collection of rooms, corridors, wells and canals in three floors. Due to the difficulty of the land of this region, archaeologists believe that the tools used for drilling should be diamond-like.

Oyi, Nooshabad , Underground City

Oyi, Nooshabad , The Underground City

Oyi Architecture; Nooshabad

The first floor of Noosh Abad has actually been the corpses and corridors in order to mislead potential followers and also as the food storage, the second and third floors were used as shelter in case of danger and war.

The city has twisted corridors, small and large rooms, defensive and protective traps which seemed to have been used during an invasion of the enemy.

Except the height of its entrance, all other parts has the height of a person between 170 – 180 centimeters.

Nooshabad , The wonderful Underground City in Iran

Nooshabad , The wonderful Underground City in Iran

The wonderful Underground City in Iran

Vertical wells played the role of communication paths between the floors and U-shaped wells for air conditioning. There were some paths from the houses, social centers, the bath and the mosque and also from the close castle of Nushabad to this part.

The spaces intended for the city were as necessary spaces, and the ventilation system operates on the basis of different air pressure which made it possible to circulate clean air for breathing.

Small chambers, elemental sanitary facilities, shelter spaces, communication tunnels, air conditioners and water wells, were the included spaces in the underground city, Oyi in Nooshabad.

Nooshabad , Iran Underground City

Nooshabad , Iran Underground City

The Unknown Underground City in Iran

Oyi, the unknown underground city in Noosh Abad, was used to protect people from Mongol attacks. Many parts of city have been lost due to the flood and the passage of time, but some potteries have been found dating back to 1800 years ago to the Sassanian era, which were used during the Safavid period until the Qajar era.

Nooshabad , Iran Ancient Underground City

Nooshabad , Iran Ancient Underground City

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This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German)