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MatinAbad Desert Camp

MatinAbad Desert Camp : Matin Abad village is located in Natanz city of Isfahan and a beautiful desert camp is built there where tourists can enjoy a variety of attractions like wild nature, star observation, camel riding and bicycle riding and desert trekking.

The camping has also a cultural side and events like Yalda , the last Wednesday of year and visitors can participate in harvesting products like wheat and pomegranate.

matinAbad desert camp - camel

One of the unique things about this desert camp is using traditional methods for raising products and plants in an organic farm so you can have natural food and lifestyle during your stay here.

The place is also near to other destinations like Isfahan and Kashan and travelers can have a beautiful night stay on your way from Isfahan to Tehran and combine nature and culture in your visit to Iran and have an eco taste by adding this place to your itinerary or if you like to have a pure experience of desert views together with Shahdad desert in Kerman this place can be nice option.

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This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German)