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There are two places in Iran which have bloody water. One of them is Maharlo lake and  Lipar Lake. Unusual color of the water is due of types of algae, microbes and plankton. However, lipar Lake is located in strait on the way of Chabahar beach.

Lipar Lake, Chahbahar

Lipar Lake, Chahbahar | photo: Ali Zamani 

Interestingly, tides of the sea, living rare birds as well as bloody and reddish color of water are the most special features of Lipar Lake. As we explained, the reason of mysterious color of water is algae, plankton, some mineral materials and microbes. However, plankton is the most important creatures which have given bloody and reddish color to the wetland.

Lipar Lake, Chahbahar

Lipar Lake, Chahbahar

Furthermore, oaks and nettles plants have given a mysterious view to the lake. Existence of some birds like eagle, flamingo and some rare creatures has made the lake area a special must-visit place to tourists and visitors. There are some plants like cotton near the lake which are used for handicrafts and traditional medicines.

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