Kish Island; The pearl of Persian Gulf!

Kish Island is one the most beautiful islands of Persian Gulf in south of Iran. It is a 35-mile square island about 12 miles off the coast of Iran. This island is the Pearl Trade Center in Iran and attracts many merchants from all over the world.

Kish Island, Iran Destination Travel Agency

Kish Island, Iran Destination Travel Agency

Breath deeply in Kish Island!

There are 4 areas in the world where the percentage of pure oxygen is high and Kish Island is one of these areas, so it is easier for veterans to breathe and ordinary people feel less tired.

Most of those who have traveled to this island and experienced the silence of the island and its proper amenities, they tend to have a permanent residence on the island.

Greece Ship, Kish Island, Persian Gulf

Greece Ship, Kish Island, Persian Gulf

Kish Island and its attractions

Kish Island is one of the most visited islands in Iran with the domestic and international visitors. Kish Island is a complex of historical, natural, commercial and shopping centers, entertainment and water sports attractions.

This touristic island has historical attractions such as the traditional water storage, the Greek ship, Kariz– the underground city, the historic city of Harire and etc.

Kariz, The Underground City of Kish Island

Kariz, The Underground City of Kish Island

Water attractions in Kish Island

The entertainments of Kish Island include its sunny beach, the dolphin park, safari, the aquarium and other attractions.

Water attractions in Kish have a special place. For example the popular water sports include ِDivingShuttle, Submarine Scooter, Flying Board, Ski Cable, Banana and Parasol.

Kish Island, Water Attractions

Kish Island, Water Attractions

Shopping Malls in the Land of Sun and Sea

There are many options for shopping and marketers on the island: Olive, Campus 1 and 2, Panyaz, Damon, Maryam, Pearl, Marjan and … are examples of famous shopping centers in Kish.

You can find any famous luxury brands from well known firms in the world; Zara, Canon, Nike, LCC, De Facto, Locaste, and etc.

Shopping Mall, Kish Island

Shopping Malls, Kish Island

Enjoy the Luxury Cars in Kish Island!

If you want to travel to Kish Island, do not worry about the vehicle. On this island, you can drive any luxury cars that you wish on this glorious sunny island with just a certificate of origin, a national card, a deposit (check or cash).

Luxury Cars, Kish Island

Luxury Cars, Kish Island

Kish Hotels

Do not worry about your place of residence on your trip to Kish Island. Just choose the hotel you like!

The hotel is close to the beach or to the pier, the hotel facing the sea, the hotel close to shopping malls, the hotel close to the market and etc.

For each of these locations, the hotel has a variety of prices. In Kish Island, different hotels from Darius Grand Hotel with its glorious Achaemenid Architecture Design, Shayan Hotel with a long history of domestic and international guests of the island to the sea hotel of Torang and other hotels with lower prices, but there are the amenities that cover every taste.

By booking online hotels in Kish Island, check the price of facilities and services at the highest rate.

Grand Hotels, Kish Island

Grand Hotels, Kish Island

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