Kashan Bazaar

Kashan Bazaar is an old bazaar in the center of the city of Kashan, Iran. It built in the Seljuk era with renovations during the Safavid period.
The bazaar has a famous architecture, especially at its Timche-ye Amin od-Dowleh section, and in this Timche, there is a grand light well which was built in the 19th century. The bazaar is still in use and is a few miles in total length. In the bazaar’s complex beside the main bazaars, there are several mosques, tombs, caravanserais, arcades, baths, and water reservoirs that each was constructed in a different period.
You can see a tea stand at one of its entrances exactly where you can sit and watch a steady stream of shoppers pass. The 19th-century Hammam-e Khan is a popular spot for a tea and Qalyan (water pipe) in the late afternoon.

There are other notable features in the bazaar contain the Seljuk-era Masjed-e Soltani (Soltani Mosque), located on the main thoroughfare (known as “The Main Line”), and the 800-year-old Mir Emad Mosque, located on a thoroughfare known as “The Copper Line”.