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Let’s try Isfahan Sweets Gaz Poolaki

Isfahan,in the center of Iran, as glorious days during history which attracted many tourists every year. It’s history and amazing architecture has brought the fame of ” half the world” to it. But it not just about the history, monuments, mosques and etc., its foods and aweets are also attracting many tourists to this wonderful city.

Gaz , Isfahan Sweets

Gaz , Isfahan Sweets Gaz Poolaki

Isfahan Sweets, Gaz

Isfahan sweets have every taste. Gaz is one of these popular sweets from the Safavid rule in Isfahan province and has been reviewed during the completion of the food called Halva Choobi.

The name is derived from an extract of the tree called the hunchback. Nowadays, they use this superb pastry using glucose, rose water, egg white, sugar, pistachio, almond slices, hazelnuts and pussy.

Gaz , Isfahan Sweets Gaz Poolaki

Isfahan Sweets, Poolaki

Certainly one of the most delicious traditional pastries in Isfahan province is a salami which is made and used in many different types. However, it will not be hard and difficult to make this delicious sweets. Furthermore, people in Isfahan province use sugar, sesame and spaghetti to make.

Poolaki , Isfahan Sweets Gaz Poolaki

Isfahan Sweets, Bereshtook

However, One of the unique and traditional pastries of Isfahan province is the Barschook sweetness, which has a pleasant flavor and aroma. However, cookies are cooked using wheat flour, chickpea flour, solid oil, cardamom powder, sugar powder, egg whites and pistachios.

Isfahan Sweets Gaz Poolaki

Berenji Bread

Sweet one, Berenji Bread is one of traditional pastries prepared in Isfahan province. Today, these delicious sweets have many fans and are produced and supplied to a large extent in the confectionery industry in the province.  However, زondiments use rice, rice flour, saffron, grilled sugar and eggs to prepare a banana bronze sweetener.

Berenji Bread , Isfahan Sweet

Berenji Bread , Isfahan Sweets Gaz Poolaki

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