” Sizdah Be Dar ”  

It is also called Iranian Nature’s Day . In this day all families in Iran go to outside city ( Green place) and make camp in nature . IF you have a personal garden you can go to there , If you have a car you can go to outside if you have not car you can go to Park in city , in believe people they most go to a green place and make a camp and dancing ( more time dancing in public places are illegal for women but in private gardens are free ) , Also make food with fire  and in end day they come back to home and rest for tomorrow for start their job in Iranian new year.

Iranian Nature's Day

Iranian ancient celebrations

Iranian Nature’s Day

Iranians mark Nature’s Day as Nowruz holidays end : ‘Sizdah Bedar’ could be a ancient Iranian competition that is well known within the thirteenth day of Norouz (Iranian New Year).

Iranian Nature's Day

Put Grass in water

Iranians have a convention of paying the day outdoors on the thirteenth day of Iranian month Farvardin, that ordinarily falls on Apr one. ‘Sizdah’ means that 13, and ‘bedar’, means that to urge eliminate, i.e ‘getting eliminate thirteen’. From history, Iranians have cherished in this day and age, though it’s conjointly the day that marks the tip of the Norouz holidays.

Iranian Nature's Day

Put fish in lake

The first twelve days of the year area unit important since they symbolize order within the world and within the lives of individuals. The thirteenth day marks the start of the come back to traditional existence.

Iranian Nature's Day

Tie grass

It is customary on in this day and age, for families to pack a picnic and head to a park or the country. it’s believed that joy and laughter clean the mind of all evil thoughts, and a picnic is typically a festal, live birth.

‘Sizdah Bedar’ (Iranian Nature’s Day) is additionally believed to be a big day to yearn for rain. it’s conjointly each day for competitive games.

Iranian Nature's Day

Iranians mark Nature’s Day as Nowruz holidays end

A ritual performed at the tip of the picnic day is to throw ‘sabzeh’ (sprouts) into a stream. The ‘sabzeh’ is meant to possess collected all the illness, pain and sick fate that were out of sight for the family throughout the approaching year! Touching somebody else’ ‘sabzeh’ on this thirteenth day or transferral it house is, therefore, thought of a foul omen, and will invite alternative peoples’ pains and hardships to oneself.

Iranian Nature's Day

Traditional dance in this celebrate

Another tradition on the thirteenth day (Iranian Nature’s Day) is that the knotting of blades of grass by mateless women within the hope of finding a companion. The knotting of the grass represents love and therefore the bond between a person and a girl.

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