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Hafez, the Great Iranian Poet

Although known as one of the most prestigious and famous Iranian poets, there is very little information about his early living. Apparently he was born in 7th century when his Isfahani father migrated to Shiraz. this great poet started his studies from early childhood in a way that became one of the most knowledgeable men of his age in his twenties and also a reciter of Quran, chose Hafez as his nickname. He died in his beloved hometown of Shiraz where his tomb is now located and has many visitors from around the world.

The most important part of Hafez literary work are sonnets. Featured with characteristics like professional symbolism, appropriate rhythms of sadness, wit or joy with respect to the subject of poems, clever irony, enjoyable and mysterious ambiguity etc.

Hafez admires love as the only truth of universe and appreciate the whole existence as a perfect system which gets complete with both good and bad.

Hafez poetic style and power has also influenced the world literature. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe the great German poet who literary critics considered as one of the fourth world literature pillars has said about Hafez: My only wish is to be one of your followers.

Now the tomb of Hafez in shiraz is one of Iran tourist highlights and has many visitors.

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This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German) esEspañol (Spanish)