Let’s Discover: Guilan Austara

Astara is located in the heart of the Talesh, between the mountains and the Caspian Sea in the northern province of Guilan. Following, read more about Guilan Austara and its unique features.

In the Astara Alley Walking Stroll, you will notice the clay ceiling of the houses that are decorative and architecturally make the temperature of the houses cooler than the roofs of the gates of other cities in the summer.

Astara has beautiful natural attractions such as mountains, jungle, sea and pond, and also has shopping malls and famous markets.

Guilan Austara

International  Pond

The international wetland is stretching four kilometers from the city of Astara on the edge of the Astara Road.

The ecotourism importance of this beautiful and wonderful lagoon, due to its proximity to the road, has increased the diversity of natural landscapes such as mountains, forests, fields and surrounding countryside.

It is interesting to note that due to the rooting of the trees in the water, they are always moving in the width of the lagoon.

Stil Pond , Astara

Village of Darband

Darband is located 7 km southwest of Astara and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in this city. Due to its nobility, the village has an excellent position in the stealth lake, the lush foothills of the Talesh mountains and vast rice farms.

Astara , Gardaneh Heyran

Heyran Village, Valley, Tel-cabin

Heyran is one of the villages of Beheshti in Guilan, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Iran due to its high beauties and pleasant weather.

On the one hand, it is overlooking the mountains covered with forest, and on the other hand, overlooking the not-so-deep doors from which the river Astara, called Agh Chai, passes. Heyran Valley is often covered with fog and in warm seasons covered with forest flowers and plants.

The Hebrew Tel-cabin is located at the end of the Heyran Dam and connects to the easternmost point of the Fandoglu Forest Park by walking through a lush 1500m long lush path. The height of the cable car is 1730 meters above sea level.

Astara , Tel-cabin

Latton Waterfall

Latton Waterfall with a height of 105 meters is the highest waterfall in Gilan and Iran, located 15 kilometers south of Astara in the village of Koteh Kumeh.

Koteh Kumeh

Koteh Kumeh is a small village whose main reputation is due to the Lattun Falls. The other famous places of the village are the small spa.

Astara , Wildlife

Oyster Coast

The beautiful Coast Rhine Coast of Astara is one of the cleanest and most secluded coastal areas of the Caspian Sea, which always attracts travelers and tourists from all over the country and the world.

The beach is 10 kilometers from Astara to Rasht. Facilities include children’s play and recreation, health and fitness facilities, temporary resorts, service ranges, canoeing, rescue boats, and life-saving fishing.

Lundwill Wildlife Refuge

Lundwill Wildlife Refuge is located in Astara, Guilan province. This area has been declared Protected Area in 1352. This shelter is a unique example of the remnants of the Hirkani plains that contain important plant and animal species.

Bird Garden

The Astara Bird Garden is located at the entrance of the road from Astara to the city of Rasht and has more than 300 birds from 60 different species.

Some of these birds include peacocks, pheasants, parrots, decorative chickens, cockroaches, emperors, quails, queens, nightingales, canaries, sparklers and love chickens.

Astara Nature

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