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Ganj Ali Khan Bath:


The Ganjali Khan Complex belongs to Safavid-era which is located in the old center of city of Kerman, Iran. The Ganj Ali Khan complex includes of a school, a square, a bathhouse, a caravanserai, an Ab Anbar, a mint, a mosque and a bazaar.


Ganj Ali Khan Bath google map location      Ganj Ali Khan Bath google map location

Ganj Ali Khan, governed Kerman, Sistan and Kandahar provinces from 1596 to 1621 under Safavid Shah Abbas I, built the Ganjali Khan Complex. Several inscriptions lay inside the complex dedect the exact date when these places have been built. Mohammad Soltani from Yazd was the architect of the complex.

In ancient Iran, near the governorships and were places for gatherings and ceremonies, the squares of the cities were established. The Ganjali khan square likes is surrounded by urban elements like, Caravanserai, school and bazaar. It is about ninety-nine meters by fifty-four meter.

Ganj Ali Khan Bath Built in 1631, it is located on the southern side of Ganjali Square, near to Vakil Bazaar known as Ganjali Bazaar. The entrances of the building are ornamented with painting of the Safavid era. A fantastic feature of its architectural is that the sculptured stones of the ceiling coincide with ornamentation of the flooring. It is composed of a cold room, disrobing room and hot room, all covered with domes carried on squinches. The Ganjali Baths has the unique works of architecture which is decorated with exquisite tile works, stuccos, paintings and arches.

In 1971, the bathhouse was converted into an anthropological museum. There are many lifelike statues in the closet section and main yard of the bath. In 1973 these statues were designed at Tehran University‘s faculty of fine art and after that transferred to this museum.

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Ganj Ali Khan Bath     Ganj Ali Khan Bath

Ganj Ali Khan Bath     Ganj Ali Khan Bath

Ganj Ali Khan Bath     Ganj Ali Khan Bath

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