Travelling to Iran during Ramadan – Iran Destination

Ramadan in Iran Islam is the formal religion of Iran. During the month of Ramadan (which starts on May 17, 2018 to July June 15, 2018), Muslims fast during the day, say prayers several times and then break their fast with a special evening meal called Iftar. In this article, you will first learn some […]

Travel to Iran as a Canadian Citizen – Iran Destination

Canadian Travelling to Iran You, as a Canadian Citizen, may be asking yourself questions like: Do I need a visa to visit Iran from Canada? Is it safe to travel to Iran? Is there a Canadian embassy in Iran? How can I visit Iran as a Canadian? Read this article to get all the answers. […]

Iran Travel Insurance, Best Coverage – Iran Destination

Iran Travel Insurance what is the best travel insurance for Iran? Iran Travel Insurance, Best Coverage – Iran Destination Iran travel insurance, best coverage have you ever asked yourself: What happens if I lost my pass during trip? If I got sick? If I lost money? Anyone travelling to any country in the world might […]

Persian Saffron – Iran Destination : The Best Website About Unknown Iran

What is Persian saffron? Persian Saffron is taken from the flower of “saffron crocus”. The vivid red stigmas and styles, called threads, are collected and dried to be used in food mostly as a seasoning and colouring agent. It has a sweet flavor. It is the most expensive spice in the world, because it should just be picked by hand, […]

Iran Best Tours, 2018-2019 – Iran Destination

Iran Tours Iran Destination travel agency offers the best tours in Iran, having a great variety. whatever you wish to experience, can be found in our Tours. Iran Cultural Tours As each city of Iran has a special culture, sometimes not similar to anywhere else in the world, our Cultural tours, which takes 8 days, […]

Best Time to Visit Iran – Iran Destination

Best Time to Visit Iran When is the best time to visit Iran? Any travel lover who is thinking about visiting Iran may ask themselves when the best time to visit Iran is. Well, the question can be answered from different points of view. One is the weather and climate in Iran and the other […]

Iran Vacations, 2018-2019 – Iran Destination

Iran Vacations, 2018-2019 – Iran Destination Iran has some days in the year as holidays on which the offices, universities and schools are off. You may wanna know about them before you plan for your trip to Iran. before explaining the year holidays in Iran, it should be mentioned that Friday is the Islamic day […]

in Hawaii, Being Nice is the Law

in Hawaii, Being Nice is the Law It was mid-afternoon on our second day living in Hawaii, and I woke up groggy from a much-needed power nap. I stumbled into the kitchen where my girlfriend was sitting on the floor with the guy from the cable company. He had come to set up our internet […]