Iran passport stamp new rules

Travel to Iran: Easier Than Ever!

Get Ready to Travel to Iran: Foreign touristsā€™ passports not to be stamped in Iran We’ve talked about some surprises in Iran, now another surprise for Western tourists: travel to Iran is easier than ever! Iran is trying to attract more tourists from Western countriesĀ  by stopping to stamp their passports. Now, American and Western […]

Ski Touring in Iran

Ski Touring in Iran As Iran benefits a variety of beautiful destinations, it is a an amazing place for Ski touring. So, get ready for a adventurous day. For decades, Mountains of Iran have been hosting skiers and snow boarders and lovers. Tehran and other cities such as Sepidan (located near to Shiraz) have several […]

Damavand Mount , Iran Mountains
Wonderful Iran , Pink Lake - Maharloo lake
Iran safety on Travel Risk Map 2019

Iran Safety on Travel Risk Map 2019

Iran Safety Recently, global risk experts International SOS launched Travel Risk Map for the year 2019. And the interesting point that attracted many peopleā€™s attention was that Iran was as safe as countries like USA, Canada, UK, China and so far. Here, Iran Destination, a well-known Iran Travel Agency, is going to provide you with […]

Sohan- Persian Dessert from Qom
Qanat in Iran

Qanat in Iran

All about Qanat in Iran Ancient Persia used a unique system for irrigation water for more than two millennia, which was consisted of uncommon horizontal wells. This system is called Qanat and it is for sure one of the attractions you may like to visit when you travel to Iran. This is why our Iran […]

Persian herbal medicine in traditional bazaars

Persian Herbal Medicine

Persian Herbal Medicine Persian Herbal medicine has a long history and Iranians have always relied on their traditional medicines to cure different kinds of illnesses. Today also almost all Iranians still use this herbal medicine and it really works. Most of historical bazaars in Iran sell these kinds of Persian herbal medicine. So it can […]