Rasht, creative city of gastronomy - food in Rasht
Rafting in Iran - Zayandeh River
The first Neanderthal tooth in Iran

The First Discovered Neanderthal Tooth in Iran

The First Neanderthal Tooth Discovered in Iran As you know, Iran is so rich in history. But the prehistory period of Iran has also a lot to say. Recently, new evidence belonging to the Paleolithic era has been found in Iran, which is the main focus of this article by Iran Destination, Iran travel agency. […]

Feta Cheese for Persian Breakfast

Persian Breakfast

What to Eat in Iran as a Breakfast? You may have heard that Iranians eat breakfast like champions. There are so many amazing options for eating a Persian breakfast. Here Iran Destination, Iran Travel Agent, is going to provide you with a full guide on Iranian breakfasts. If you travel to Iran someday, make sure […]

Iranians are Romantic people - surprises in Iran

Surprises in Iran

What Surprises You in Iran You may have read so many contents on Iran, its culture, and famous attractions. But those who travel to Iran will be surprised not only by the huge masterpieces, but also by things that may be so simple and routine to Iranians, but surprising to foreigners. Here, Iran Destination, an […]

koko-Persian Vegetarian Food
customs in Iran by Iran Destination

Customs in Iran

Etiquette and Customs in Iran Iran has a culture as rich as its history. If you travel to Iran, you may see lots of cases in Iranians’ behaviors that are amazing or sometimes perplexing for you. So you’d better know these Iranian customs so that you can communicate better. Here, Iran Destination, a travel agency […]

Polo in Iran
Asiatic Cheetah

Asiatic Cheetah

Asiatic Cheetah in IRAN, the Only Habitat for These rare animals The Asiatic Cheetah, which is also called Persian cheetah or Iranian one, is the rarest kind of cheetah in the world. This unique creature once lived in different parts of Asia, from the Arabian Peninsula to India, but none of them are now alive […]