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Liver Transplant in Iran

  Liver Transplant in Shiraz, Iran Liver Transplant Liver transplant is the second organ transplantation surgery after kidney.  So it must be clear that liver diseases are among the most serious health problems. According to the statistics, about 27 759 liver transplant surgeries were done in 2015. In fact, during liver transplant surgery, the diseased […]

hair transplant in Iran

Hair Transplant in Iran

Travel to Iran & Have Your Hair Transplant in Iran Hair loss can be one of the most awful problems in many people’s lives. You may have tries so many types of treatment for hair loss or baldness, but still the problem remains. And this will cause depression and lack of self-confidence by itself, as […]

Experience Ashura in Iran – Travel to Iran during Muharram

Iran Travel during Muharram One of the unique times to travel to Iran is during the lunar month of Muharram, because Shia Muslims in Iran have special ceremonies during this month, especially the first 10 days. And the tenth day of Muharram is called “Ashura”. But you, as a foreigner or a Non-Mulsim, may not […]

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nose job in Iran - cheap surgery

Nose Job in Iran

Nose Job in Iran All about Nose Job Rhinoplasty, or what is called a nose job in everyday language, is actually a surgery to reshape the nose and improve its function. This is done for different reasons. Some people do it for medical reasons, like breathing problems related to nose or problems relating to trauma […]

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Daf - Persian traditional music instrument2

7 Top Persian Traditional Music Instruments

Persian Traditional Music Instruments Persian traditional music is as rich as the history of Persia. Actually archaeological evidence shows that Iranians used musical instruments even during the Elamite era, i.e. 800 BCE. Traditional music of Iran is an expression of love, joy, sorrow, struggle and effort and all the victories and defeats that Persians have […]

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Iranian drinks

Iranian Drinks and Beverages

What Are Famous Iranian Drinks? You may be well-informed that it is not allowed to drink alcohol in Iran. But, does it mean you cannot enjoy drinking in Iran? Well, fortunately there are so many other choices for you. So if you travel to Iran one day, do not forget to try these Iranian drinks […]