persian breakfast

Persian breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal. This meal is eaten in the morning. Breakfast usually includes one or more drinks, dairy products and cereals. Other foods may be used for breakfast in countries around the world. All cities in Iran usually have a special breakfast. Some of them are less well known than other meals. […]



SavadKooh Savadkooh is one of the eastern cities of Mazandaran Province. The city is located at the confluence of three provinces of Mazandaran, Semnan and Tehran. The best way to get access to the city of savadkooh is to drive on firuzkooh road. consequently, You get to the city by choosing firuzkooh road after about […]

Aladaghlar Mountain

Aladaghlar Mountain Aladaghlar Mountain is one of the most amazing nature phenomenon in Iran. Also, it called Aladaghlar Mountains or Rainbow mountains which is in Zanjan province. Besides, as you are walking around the incredible hills you may think that you are living in another planet.Moreover, the Aladaglar is the Azari Turkish name of the […]

Persian Food

Persian food

The Persian food is a colorful tablecloth. The culture of this beautiful land is also very rich. In different regions of Iran, according to the available facilities, various local dishes are prepared. One of the memorable memories of foreign tourists from traveling to the four seasons and the mythical country of Iran is its delicious […]

margoon waterfall

Margoon waterfall

Margoon waterfall Margoon waterfall is the largest and highest waterfall in the world. The water temperatures less than 10 degrees Celsius even in the warmest months of the year. Waterfalls, which are natural attractions, often lead a river from a high place to the Valley. Margoon waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Shiraz, […]

Monar Jonban in Isfahan

Monar Jonban in Isfahan Monar Jonban is one of the most fascinating traditional sites with special characteristic. Moreover,the Monar Jonban is a monument located in Esfahan, in central Iran and  close to the Atashgah fire temple .Also, its one of the well-known historical monuments of the city. History Monar Jonban constructed 700 years ago. Besides, the historic […]

Miankaleh peninsula

Miankaleh peninsula

Northern Iran is known to the sea and its beautiful and dense forests for most of the inhabitants of the country. International Miankaleh peninsula is one of the most important, pristine and spectacular attractions in the northern part of the country, which is located in Mazandaran province. Miankale is home to many plant and animal species. […]

Tange Boragh

Tange Boragh

Tange Boragh Tange Boragh, called the beautiful valley of the North is a Tange Boragh village. In this strait we see the growth of plants and the formation of natural patios in the walls and cracks. The high-water river that flows in this valley flows into the Kerr River. The river cut the wall of […]

lake Urmia

Lake urmia

Lake Urmia is the name of a lake in northwestern Iran. According to the divisions of Iran, this lake is located between the two provinces of West Azerbaijan and East Azerbaijan Province. The area of ​​this lake in 1998 was about six thousand square kilometers. This lake is the 25th largest lake in the world […]


Ardabil Ardabil is one of the best weather areas in the spring and summer and usually attracts many tourists all year round. it is one of the metropolises of Iran in the northwest of the country. This province has been the center of Azerbaijan before and after Islam. It is a completely Persian name and […]