Sistan and Balochistan

An ancient belief states that Sistan and Balochistan is the 11th land created by Ahura Mazda. This ancient land has various names in during the history such as Sivustan, Sakestan, Sistan, Massageat, Aria Polis, Drangiana, Zarang, Zaranj, Nimroz or Meridian, Zavol, Zabol and etc.

In this article, we aim to introduce this wonderful mythic land of Iran which dates back to thousands years ago.

Sistan and Balochistan

The Burned City

The Burned City which is know as Shahre Soukhte dates back to about 5,000 years ago to the Bronze Age. It is located 55 kilometers from Zabol in Sistan and Balochistan province and along Zabol-Zahedan road.

It was founded in 3200 BC, and its inhabitants lived in four periods between 3200 and 1800 BC. The Burned City civilization is one of the wonders of the ancient world. This city is the most important center of deployment and in fact the capital of the region during the Bronze Age.

Burned City of Balochistan

Saravan; Kalpurgan

Saravan is the land of palms and stone-paintings in Sistan and Balochistan. The large and green Palms as well as numerous stone-paintings have caused this city to be famous as stone-painting city.

The Kalporgan Pottery is a familiar name for all Iranian and other artists from all over the world which is located in the village of Kalpurgan, 30 km from Saravan.

Balochistan Art , Saravan


Gel Afshan is one of the most interesting natural attractions of Chabahar. This mountain which erupts mud is located 100 km from Chabahar and you have to climb up the it to watch this phenomenon.

Every some minutes the dock erupts like a volcano, creating a bubble which explodes and spreads the mud with a huge noise and features a messy, bubbling and sometimes explosive landscape. If you are lucky enough at the time you are there, the bubbles are bigger.

Gelafshan, chabahar


Lipar lake

Another untraveled attraction of this harbor is Lipar lake. The route to this place is so amazing because on one side of the lake the water is salty and on the other side it is sweet and is used for agriculture.

Lipar pond in Chabahar

Lipar pond

Hara forest

Hara forest is located in the coastal area of ​​the Goethe Bay near the Bahukalat river to the Oman Sea. Honey is a shrub grove in the marshes of the warm areas on the shores of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and southern Iran.

Hara Forest , Balochistan

Guatamak Cave

Guatamak Cave is one of the large unknown caves in Birk Mountains, the Irandegan district of Sistan and Balochistan. The diameter of the entrance is about one meter. After entering the cave, we enter a 1.5-meter width and a height of 3 meters. The further we go, the wider and the higher the height, so that in the middle of its altitude it is about 10 to 12 meters and its width is 30 to 35 meters.

Saravan , Balochistan

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