Albaloo is a sour cherry which is an Iranian delicious food.We always suggest this Iranian food to our tourists to taste.

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Today’s dish, Albaloo Polow or sour cherry rice.

Albaloo is a sour cherry. Sour cherries are hard to find and are rarely available at grocery stores, but they are plentiful for a short season here in Maryland. The cherries are available at local farms or at someone’s house, luckily for me my parents have a sour cherry tree so I picked as many cherries as possible and froze them for this dish. The sour cherry is just as it sounds, sour. So you have to cook it down to make it tasty for dishes.

Albaloo Polow is not a dish you want to order out if you go to a Persian restaurant, it’s rarely fresh and they usually just use a preserve. The real thing is something out of this world that you have to experience. The sweet tangy flavor of the cherries counterbalances perfectly with the saffron and the delicious chicken or meatballs in the rice. If you have access to sour cherries, you have to try this dish. It’s really easy.

abbaloo polo iran food

Recipe Albaloo polow (Iranian food):

Albaloo Polow – Sour Cherry Rice

Ingredients of Iranian food :

-2 Cups of Basmati Rice (Soak the rice in water for 6 hours and then strain out the liquid until the water runs clear)

-4 Cups of Water

-4 Cups of Sour Cherries (pitted) (or Sour Cherry Preserve with the juice separated out)

-7 Cups of Sugar

-2 Tsp. Salt

-1/2 Cup of Saffron Water

-2 Tbsp. Butter

-1 Pound of Ground Beef or Ground Lamb

-1/2 White Onion Shredded

iranian food

Method of this Iranian food

Step 1 – Make the cherries, if you have sour cherry preserve you can skip this step. In a large pot spread out the cherries, then pour your sugar over them, and finally add a lot of water over them enough water so it’s about inch of water over the cherries.

Step 2- Cook the cherries down until you have a syrupy mixture, be careful not to cook it down too much so that the syrup is too thick.

Step 3- Once the cherries are ready, strain the juice (keep it for drinks), and pull out the cherries.

Step 4- Now make your meatballs, mix the ground beef with the onion, form them into quarter sized balls and bake them in the oven covered with tin foil at 350 for about 30 minutes, until cooked).

Step 5- Once the meatballs are cooked, leave them covered in the oven at a low heat.

Step 6- Now prepare your rice.

Step 7 – Pour the rice into a large nonstick pot, cover with 4 cups of water.

Step 8- With the rice cooking on high heat, have a mesh colander ready to strain the water.

Step 9 – Once the rice grains have elongated, strain the rice of all it’s water.

Step 10- Once you strain the rice, add your butter to the pot and now carefully add about 2 handfuls of rice grains to the pot. Then add a layer of cherries, saffron and meatballs to the rice. Repeat this for several layers.

Step 11- Take a clean towel and wrap the lid with it, then reduce the heat to low and allow the rice to cook for 30 minutes at least until you have tahdig.

Step 12- Once you have tahdig, serve, and be careful because this tahdig can burn due to the sugar in the cherries.

*You can sub in chicken instead of meatballs or none at all*


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