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Parsian Hotel , Ramsar

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5 star
Mazandaran Province, Ramsar, Rajai St، 4691719795, Iran

Parsian Hotel , Ramsar


Mazandaran Province, Ramsar, Rajai St، 4691719795, Iran

About company:

Parsian International Hotels Company on 09.07.1374 under number 117 988 in the capital Tehran Companies Registration Office and industrial property specific and remember oppressed under Islamic Revolution has been registered.

Code of Ethics

  1. I believe that each person’s spiritual and worldly achievements through hard work he achieved responsibly
  2. I believe that hospitality activities, complex hosting services to individual and national capital with the possibility of utilization of the efforts of my colleagues and it is possible.
  3. 3 based on religious and national beliefs, I always tried to hosting duties at the highest level through adherence to laws, standards and meet the expectations and needs of hotel guests in the hotel, I do.
  4. 4 – responsibilities in play host, always in the hotel guests and consistent with the comments and expectations of guests, the level of service quality assessment of my career, and to the satisfaction of any more customers hotel, the regulation.
  5. I think the final results Employment Services and to amend and review my work I try to balance between the interests of my family and hotel interests, I established.


Facilities and services:

New hotel facilities:

  • ◊ card lock system
  • ◊ TV
  • ◊ Internet
  • ◊ satellite channels
  • ◊ fridge (minibar)
  • ◊ package with espresso coffee and tea maker
  • ◊ living room suites
  • ◊ air conditioning system
  • ◊ Jacuzzi (in suites and special Royal)
  • ◊ Toilet Bathrooms are equipped with hairdryer, mirror and all toiletries and cosmetics

Old hotel facilities:

  • ◊ TV
  • ◊ Internet
  • ◊ satellite channels
  • ◊ fridge (minibar)
  • ◊ package with espresso coffee and tea maker
  • ◊ living room suites
  • ◊ air conditioning system
  • ◊ Jacuzzi (in suites and special Royal)
  • ◊ Toilet Bathrooms are equipped with hairdryer, mirror and all toiletries and cosmetics


Hot Spa

Another unique feature of this mineral spa complex (medical) that in terms of sulfur compounds and therapeutic effects compared to hot springs in France and Japan.

Water treatment facilities hotel complex medical properties Ramsar According to the results of medical research

as follows:

1-thermotherapy, hydrotherapy, psychotherapy

  1. Relieve muscle aches

3-relieving chronic pain due to bone fractures

4-treat some skin diseases

5-strengthening tendons, cartilage, joints, especially in athletes

And dozens of other properties …


Number of rooms:

Old and new hotel have 156 rooms


5 minutes to airport

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    Parsian Hotel , Ramsar Ramsar, Iran

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