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4 star
Bandar Bushehr, Kuy-e-Bandar, Rais Ali Delvari Road, Iran

About Delvar Hotel:

Bushehr is located in the southwest of Iran. The Delvar Hotel is also the southern most tourism destination for the group of hotels and travels. The location of this hotel is such that it is full of aristocracy to the magnificent Persian Gulf coast. Access to this resort center is easy to get to all leisure, service and convenience stores in the center of the city. On the other hand, the only bus terminal is far away from the city”s outskirts.
The Delwar Bushehr Hotel has 49 elegant rooms, 7 triple rooms, 5 small double suites, 2 double suites, 4 large suites and exclusive restaurants.


Bandar Bushehr, Kuy-e-Bandar, Rais Ali Delvari Road, Iran

Facilities and services:

Coffee Shop


  • Marjan Restaurant
  • Sadaf Restaurant
  • Breakfast Restaurant

Number of rooms:

  • 49 elegant rooms
  • 7 triple rooms
  • 5 small double suites
  • 2 double suites
  • 4 large suites and exclusive restaurants

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Delvar Hotel , Bushehr

Delvar Hotel , Bushehr Bushehr, Iran

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