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5 star
Esfahan St. Amadegah, international hostel Abbasi

Abbasi Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Isfahan. Review its facilities and in case you like to book it or have any other questions or ideas, you can contact us.

The Abbasi Hotel (which was previously known as Shah Abbas Hotel) was actually built at the time of King Sultan Husayn in Safavid era, about 300 years ago. Originally, it was built as a caravansaray for passengers on the road. Now it is one of the most famous hotels in Isfahan, staying at which gives you such an unforgettable sense because it has a great Persian architecture


Amadegah St, Isfahan, Iran.

Facilities and services of Abbasi Hotel:

Restaurants, Cafeteria, Traditional Tea-house & Restaurants, Shopping Center , Carpet Shop , Handicrafts Shop Press, Museum of the Quran, wireless internet, Tailor House , sports facilities, Library, Taxi Services,  24 -hour room service, Heating and cooling systems.


Number of rooms: 225 nice rooms.

Distance:         from airport: 30 minutes.

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Abbasi Hotel

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan, Iran

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