Hasht Behesht Palace


Hasht Behesht meaning “Eight Paradises” is a Safavid era palace in Isfahan, Iran. It was protected by Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization in 1669. More than forty mansions which existed in Isfahan during the rule of Safavids, this is the only one left today.

The shape of the mansion is octagonal with four facades which with all similarities no one is like the other. There is a main facade while the existence of pool in the east side of main fa├žade is determiner.
This mansion has built two meters above the ground level and has two floors.

in the first floor rooms, in the four corners of the mansion you can visit stucco and painting ornaments, in the second floor there are a series of porches and rooms with inlaid doors and windows. There is a pond made of marble In the middle of the hall which is known as pearl pond. The feature of this pond is that the water comes out of its holes like pearls.
A luxurious and beautiful park around of this palace is located which is already one of the famous promenades of Isfahan city.
All of the travelers and tourists who have visited Isfahan and have managed to enter to the Hasht Behesht palace has called it one of the most beautiful monuments of the world.