Can You Travel to Iran as an Unmarried Couple?

Many of those who plan to travel to Iran may wish to visit it as a couple. You may be an unmarried couple or a married one. First of all, for those who are married, I have to say, you will have such a nice time here in Iran and it will be so romantic for you. But let’s see whether there is any special rule for those who are unmarried.

Here, in this article written by Iran Destination, you will first read about the rules and suggestions and at last there will be some real comments, memories and experiences of the unmarried couples in Iran.

Iran Visa for an Unmarried Couple

So, starting with the Visa process, you have to fill in the visa form if you apply in the embassy of Iran. On the visa form, there is a box asking you whether you’re married or single. Also, it is asked what your relationship with your fellow traveler is. If you are single and not married to each other, just feel free to be honest and write: “single” and “unmarried couple”. This will not have any influence on your visa application or visa issuance process. This is completely a routine issue and no more questions will be asked regarding your relationship.

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How to apply/get Iran Visa?

Iran Hotels for an Unmarried Couple

Iranian law does not allow Iranian unmarried couples to live together. It states people of opposite sex are not allowed to be alone together unless they are family members or married together. But in practice most Iran hotels don’t apply the married couple rules to a non-Muslim and non-Iranian unmarried couple.

When you get in a hotel, mostly no one asks or cares about your relationship status. Actually there is no particular rule prohibiting a foreign unmarried couple from having a single room in Iran hotels, but in the case anyone asks you about your relationship status, it is up to you yourself how to respond, but no proof of marriage is needed unless you are Iranian. Especially in luxury hotels, you will feel so relaxed and definitely no problem will occur while booking a room.

But here’s a note, remember that unmarried Persian couples are not allowed to get a room in Iran hotels. So, if you’re married to an Iranian, it’s better to have your marriage certificate and your passports with you as proof of marriage.

But what is the worst thing that may happen to you? Well, in the very worst scenario, which is so unlikely, you may be required to take separate rooms. But this is almost unheard of, especially for foreign travelers. So you don’t have to be worried about it.

unmarried couple

couple tourists in Iran traditional hotels

Public Transport in Iran

In city buses and metros, you will see a ‘women only’ sign indicating the sections particular for women use. Men are not allowed to enter these sections, but women are allowed in the common section and you may sit together in the other section. In intercity buses to travel between cities like Tehran to Shiraz or Tehran to Isfahan, men and women are mixed, and you can freely sit next to each other without any problem. But as a single man, be careful that you are expected not to sit next to women who you don’t know.

using metro for an unmarried couple

using metro for an unmarried couple

Public Conduct

Holding hands is fine for married couples, of course you can also see an Iranian unmarried couple doing so as well, but KISSING or HUGGING and of course DANCING in public are not acceptable and you will seem totally weird if you do so.

If your partner is an Iranian, keep in mind that you may get into trouble if you are stopped by the police while you’re holding each other’s hands.

unmarried couple

couple travel to Iran

All in all, if you travel to Iran as an unmarried couple, you won’t face any special problem. You can simply choose an Iran tour, a private one, and feel free with your partner and enjoy your trip to Iran.

Here on Iran Destination website, you can find any information you need to know before your trip to Iran. In case you have any questions or you need any Iran travel services, like Iran package tours, Iran visa, Iran travel insurance or any other thing, please feel free to contact us whether through online chat or by clicking here on contact us. our Iran tour and travel agency is ready to provide you with all you need, whether you are an unmarried couple or a married one.

unmarried couple in Iran

married couple in Iran


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