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Tourist Safety

Tourist Safety
  • How safe is Iran?

Unlike what is shown to the world Iran is a really safe country especially for tourists, you can even see tourist police in crowded touristy places.Since Iranian people are also so hospitable and respectful of foreigners surely you won’t have a problem.

  • Can i drive in Iran?What if I am a woman?How are roads safety and condition?

Yes,both men and women can rent a car to drive if they have international driving license.Many routes are  highways,roads are asphalted with separate lane to and from cities which regularely maintenanced.In fact if you choose to travel overland you can enjoy landscapes and visit many en rout attractions.

Staying safe and healthy

In contrary to what westerns might expect Iran is a really safe place especially for tourists.Iranians are genuinely friendly people who care for you to have a good time as their guest.As said before you can’t use international credit cards in Iran so in case of carrying cash just take the usual precautions in crowded bazaars and places but don’t worry because Iran is a relatively low-crime country.Iranian traffic might get chaotic,it is recommended that pedestrians be cautious when crossing the roads and streets.

In general almost all part of this big country is safe.You may heared that southeastern part of Iran shoul be avoided but not all part of this province is dangerous especially Chabahar a trade free zone which is calm and friendly filled with beauty and attraction.

According to health services it is good to say that Iran has modern health care facilities.Except your travel vaccination updates you won’t have any special needs for traveling to Iran.In case you need any treatment an English-speaking doctor will be asked by your hotel.You can also get a travel insurance.

Of course you won’t have any worries concerning safty and health if you are traveling with a guide or as a group tour.