The First Neanderthal Tooth Discovered in Iran

As you know, Iran is so rich in history. But the prehistory period of Iran has also a lot to say. Recently, new evidence belonging to the Paleolithic era has been found in Iran, which is the main focus of this article by Iran Destination, Iran travel agency. Read about the first Neanderthal tooth in Iran.

Iran during Paleolithic

As Iran has been geographically varied and fruitful, early human had lived in this vast region. Some evidence had been discovered showing the presence of early human beings in Iran during Paleolithic. This evidence includes stone artifacts found near Rivers in eastern, southern, northern and northwest part of Iran. Some examples of the most important sites, having evidence of human occupation in Iran, are: Kashafrud in Khorasan province, Shiwatoo in Kudistan province, Tepe Gakia near Kermanshah, Pal Barikin Ilam province, etc. These sites go back to 1 million to 200,000 years ago.

Zagros Paleolithic Museum

Zagros Paleolithic Museum

Neanderthals in Iran have left so many cultural remains dating back to the Middle Paleolithic era. Most of these remains were discovered in Zagros region of Iran. But, previously, there was no evidence of a Neanderthal human discovered in Iran. But read about the first Neanderthal tooth discovered in Iran:

The first discovered Neanderthal tooth in Iran

Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism reported that a fossil was discovered in the hills of Yawan stone which is located in the prehistoric site of Kermanshah, in western part of Iran.

Neanderthal tooth in Iran (Kermanshah-2018 News)

Neanderthal tooth in Iran (Kermanshah-2018 News)

The head of the probing team in this region, Saman Heydari-Guran, reported that they discovered a milk tooth belonging to a Neanderthal kid of 6 years old. Beside this tooth, there have been so many stone tools dating back to the Middle Paleolithic period. The exact studies of age-matched radiation show that the tooth belongs to 42 to 45 thousand years ago. All of these were discovered through a scientific exploration in the region.

The interesting part of the news is that, this is the first time the remains of a Neanderthal are discovered in Iran; and according to the professional archaeologists, it is believed to be one of the rarest Neanderthal milk teeth scientifically discovered in the whole world. Previously in France, Spain and Germany, archaeologists had discovered a few similar teeth, but not exactly with the same features.

Neanderthal tooth in Iran (Kermanshah-2018)

Neanderthal tooth in Iran (Kermanshah-2018)

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