Shab-e Yalda

Shab-e Yalda

Shab-e Yalda or the night of Cheleh is one of the oldest Iranian celebrations. On the last night of autumn, as the longest night of the year, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Yalda night or Shab-e Cheleh, just like Chaharshanbeh Soori and Nowruz, is one of the oldest Iranian celebrations. It starts at sunset […]

Iranian Festivals - Yalda night

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Iranian festivals Iranian festivals, ceremonies and rituals offer great opportunities to get more familiar with Iranian culture. Nowadays, the most interesting factor encouraging everyone to travel is the culture in destinations. So if you like to know more about Persian culture, you may like to know more about Iranian festivals. Iran Destination provides you with […]

Yalda night - Iranian Festivals

Yalda night

Yalda Night Yalda Night is the last night of autumn Also, for nearly a few thousand years, the darkest and longest night of the year celebrated by Iranians .Also, various rituals and customs spent together on this memorable night, a beautiful night that has customs in different cities of Iran. Moreover, Yalda celebration held today […]