Guilan Astara

Guilan Austara

Let’s Discover: Guilan Austara Astara is located in the heart of the Talesh, between the mountains and the Caspian Sea in the northern province of Guilan. Following, read more about Guilan Austara and its unique features. In the Astara Alley Walking Stroll, you will notice the clay ceiling of the houses that are decorative and […]

Alpine Iran

Alam kuh; Iran Alpine Alam kuh with a height of 4850 meters, located in Takht-e-Solomon area of ​​Mazandaran province. Mount Alam kuh is the second highest peak in Iran after Damavand. The Alam kuh Mountains has 47 peaks over 4000 meters, also known as the “Alpine of Iran“. Alam kuh Wall However, most of the […]