The tiny village hidden inside the Grand Canyon

The Native American village of Supai is the most remote village in the lower 48 states, and the only way to reach it is by helicopter or on foot. Off the beaten path Roughly 5.5 million tourists visit the Grand Canyon each year, but few realise that this vast abyss is home to a tiny […]

The islands of unbridled imagination

Creative surrender in the faroe Islands “When I conceded to their flow, the Faroe Islands showed me beauty in jaggedness, euphoria in unpredictability and reverence that comes with grandeur.” I had a death grip on the steering wheel. My fingers clutched it tightly as I nervously leaned forward in my seat, my right foot hovering […]

The Icelandic model who shears sheep

The Icelandic model Meet Heiða Guðný Ásgeirsdóttir, the sheep farmer and the Icelandic model who is fighting for her beautiful and remote corner of southern Iceland. At the end of the road The long, bumpy dirt and gravel road off Iceland’s main highway, an hour or so east of the seafront village of Vík, seems […]